Photo Album: Kylesa in St. Louis 9/05 @ The Ready Room

I have always been a HUGE Kylesa fan, well always since the first time I heard them to the current time. To me their music is a perfect mix of Mastodon and Drain STH. . . remember them?!? So if Mastodon and Drain STH had a baby while listening to Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats, Kylesa would pop out! But, this isn’t anything we didn’t already know. When I walked into the doors at the Ready Room. . ok let me backtrack. First and foremost, Iron Maiden’s album had just come out on Friday and I didn’t have opportunity to buy it. So on my way into the show I went to the Record Music Shop right next door and bought the CD and the Vinyl, because well it’s Iron Fucking Maiden thats why! After that I walked into the venue almost shocked at how few people were there. Not a year or two before I had seen Kylesa play at the Firebird and that place was pretty packed, this time around there might have been about 100 people. In a venue like the Firebird that holds closer to 300 that’s not too bad, but the Ready Room holds almost 900, the place looked deserted and I really felt bad for the bands playing (they deserve better than that on a Saturday night in St. Louis).

Path of Might was the first to take stage, and holy crap!! If you haven’t caught these guys live you are doing yourself a disservice, they have a great stage performance and well lets just say if you like Mastodon you will really enjoy these guys! I really dug their performance from beginning to end they had great energy through out and it was pretty awesome to see local bands supporting other local bands (their drummer was sporting one of our friends bands Hell Night). Next up was DC based Caustic Casanova. These guys and gal brought a very interesting sound to the table. Almost a surfer/space rock sound, think Weezer meets the Beach Boys. . . ok that’s not a very accurate description but you really have to listen to them for yourselves.

Finally the moment we had all been waiting for, and I swear by the time Kylesa took stage the crowd doubled, people came from out of nowhere and were all of the sudden there to party! It wasn’t a huge crowd, but it was also a bigger venue than we are used to seeing them play in. The Ready Room is a great venue if you ever get a chance to catch a show there you won’t be disappointed. Kylesa seemed to blow through their set which lasted all of about an hour, but they still managed to hit the fan favorites, ‘Scapegoat,’ ‘Tired Climb,’ ‘Don’t Look Back,’ and more. I have seen Kylesa a handful of times and I swear watching the two drummers play in tandem with each other never gets old! It’s amazing that even through drummer changes they still manage to find two flawless drummers that don’t miss a beat!

It wouldn’t be a photo gallery without the photos, so please check out all my shots below and comment on the ones you like!

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