Finding the Secret Targaryen: Top 11 Album Covers with Dragons on Them

As Game of Thrones fans we live in a perpetual state of uncertainty. We exist in a weekly world of muddled bloodlines, heroes making questionable decisions, and Bran making weird rape comments to his sister. However, there’s one absolute when it comes to the lands of Essos and Westeros; dragons equal power. That is likely why bands put them on so many album covers. So, let’s take a look at the top album covers of the dragonish variety.

11. Asia – Asia

Asia deserves credit for one of the early dragon sightings on an album.  This guy doesn’t look particularly fierce, but does come with a cool magically floating sphere and almost human looking fingers, assumably to play the amazing keyboard intro to “Only Time Will Tell”.

10. Bloodbound – War of Dragons

There really isn’t anything more enjoyable than fantasy warfare.  Whether it’s Drogon laying waste to a regiment of Lanister soldiers, or a dragon war happening on the cover of one of the best power metal albums of 2017, it’s worth seeing.

9. Astral Doors – Evil Is Forever

I would like to imagine this album cover represents a world beyond that of humankind where dragons thrive among the ruins.  On second thought, maybe dragons and underrated power metal bands with essential albums still exist.  Enjoy your world, Astral Doors.

8. Internal Devour – Doomed to Disembowlement

We cannot confirm that this is actually a dragon or just a people eating tree monster with a dragony face.  With that said, we needed at least one album that exemplifies the potential violence capable from a dragon.

7. Rhapsody – Power of the Dragonflame

Some people use Rhapsody as a point of reference to explain metal that has gone beyond the acceptable level of cheese but those people are insecure and want you to be sad.  This album is an absolute power metal classic and I’m pretty sure that dragon is shooting lightning, which counts for something.

6. Axxis – Utopia

Sometimes Daenerys rides a dragon beyond the wall to save a group of unlikely heroes and sometimes a pretty lady in black leather swinging a fire whip rides a water dragon towards a magical city. Both work for us.

5. Twilight Force – Heroes of Mighty Magic

This guy is purple.  He also has extremely strong hindquarters.  It also seems he is covering his surroundings with very pretty and Disney-esque magic.  He also adorns the cover of the latest album of the best power metal band to form in the last decade.

4. Heaven’s Gate – Livin’ in Hysteria

This dragon has a pipe, a pillow, and a little girl to sweep up skulls for him.  There is just something rewarding about seeing a dragon relax.

3. Galneryus – Resurrection

This big golden boy is as glorious and majestic as they come.  If there’s one dragon that could unify the seven kingdoms on this list it’s this guy.

2. Unleash the Archers

Unleash the Archers are album by album becoming one of the strongest power metal bands, but this older release has some strong Targaryen vibes.  If this woman isn’t flying to bail Jon Snow out of a bad decision I will be shocked.

1. Busta Rhymes – Year of the Dragon

I haven’t done any research but I am pretty certain that Busta Rhyme’s lineage is a mystery. I can no longer ignore the possibility that House Rhymes does not have blood ties to House Targaryen.  This reason alone takes Busta to the top of the list and, fingers crossed, the Iron Throne.



Written by Sean “I used to collect pewter dragons” Cantor

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