Photo Gallery: Motörhead, Saxon, and Crobot at The Pageant (St. Louis, MO)

Matt Albers

In the world of heavy metal and hard rock, there are bands so iconic that simply saying their name conjures up their entire history and importance in one’s mind. Without question, London, England’s Motörhead is undoubtedly one of them. So when legendary front man Ian Fraser “Lemmy” Kilmister’s health began taking a turn for the worse in recent years, fans were understandably worried. Recently, Lemmy had to cut shows short and even cancel some dates altogether due to a lung infection. Fortunately, Lemmy would quickly rebound (which, given the man’s history, came as no surprise to his fans), and Motörhead was ready to get back on the road – as well as announce a line of their own sex toys. The first date marking Lemmy’s return was Tuesday, September 8 at The Pageant in St. Louis, MO, where Lemmy and company completed a full set to an anxious crowd of rowdy headbangers. Joining Motörhead in support of their North American fortieth anniversary tour were fellow classic English metallers Saxon (who explained that night that their first tour ever was supporting Motörhead), as well as impressive newcomers Crobot, who our very own Nick had photographed earlier this year. While you could tell that Lemmy’s voice wasn’t back to 100% when he spoke in between songs, their show was just as excellent as fans could hope for. Please enjoy our chronicling of the concert in our photos below!

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