The Rogue Files: Interview with Tarah Who?

Tarah Who_ Coralie Drums, Tarah Vocals, GTR picture 3


Tell us about your band.

Tarah G. Carpenter: Vocals, Guitar
Coralie Herve: Drums
What are you working on currently (album, tour, music video, etc.)?
CH : We have a west coast tour coming up, a new video for our single “Pantomath” and Tarah is working on a new EP too.
TGC: Yes! Exactly! We are shooting the music video for ‘Pantomath’ with our friend Maria and we have a couple of surprises that we are super excited about in this video.  We will be going on tour right after that, all the way up to Vancouver, and then when we come back we are playing a festival for Women international rider’s day in Oklahoma, a couple of dates in England, and then we will be recording a new ep.
If you were asked to re-Score a movie, what movie would it be? Why?
CH : I think it would be a Tarantino movie because the soundtracks are always killer !!! With the Tarah Who?’s song a zombie movie for sure.
TGC: Yeah I agree with Coralie. For Tarah Who? songs you need something a little dark, but you also need speed. I often picture driving or riding really fast on empty roads!
What is the music scene like where you’re from?
TGC: LA has a tricky music scene. If you are just coming in or starting out, you will probably fall into all of the Pay to Play shows. If you are more experienced, you will probably get good shows and that when playing in LA is actually fun and a good thing. Definitely avoid being a part of the pay to play shows, wherever you may be from!
If you could tour with any band(s) (active or not) who would it be and why?
CH : It would be Nightwish for sure !! I just love their music !!
TGC: My current dream tour would be with our friends from the UK YUR MUM and BALA from Spain.
Why do you do what you’re do? (re: making music)
CH : I just love playing drums so I’m doing it hahaha.
TGC: Yeah same.I started playing music when I was 14 years old.It is something I can’t live without. Writing is like a therapy to me, I need to let things out. I feel horrible when I don’t play. I am like miserable! lol!
We are fans of comics, sci-fi, horror and wrestling. So tell us, what kind of nerd are you?
CH : I love playing video games, watching TV shows ..
TGC: So, definitely none of that… I like being out, caring for animals, learning martial Arts or Krav Maga, traveling, cooking, painting, photography…

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