The Rogue Files: Interview with Lucifour M

Lucifour M.jpg
Tell us about your band.


We are a band of 3 (sometimes 4) mates….coming from Italy, based sometimes there, sometimes in Berlin or London, where our labels Sonar Kollektiv and K7 Records are.

We play pop music with a very open approach, from R&B to Metal, from Pop to Soul or Funk or anything we feel fine with


What are you working on currently (album, tour, music video, etc.)?


At present we are planning next gigs and tour…we will play The Great Escape Festival in Brighton, UK next May, so we want to fill up spring and summer y’know

After few warm up gigs in Berlin and in our home area, we will start properly from Milan next 21st March and so on… in the meantime we are demoing and recording next stuff….

We just released a new strange Psychedelic video in 3D called Orfeo’s Enfer, it is the closing track of our next and second EP (called DUE) out end of Feb…so we have a pretty busy time these days.


If you were asked to re-Score a movie, what movie would it be? Why?


Could be The House That Jack Built (Lars Von Tier) ‘cause we love that movie!!! We can do a concept album based on it.

Honestly we love making music with images in mind…and even the opposite seems working…3 songs from our first 2 eps will be soundtracks of a new short film of the great Robert Daniel Martin called State Of The Game it will be out soon… it is gonna be great!


What is the music scene like where you’re from?


Trap!!!! Yeah it is a real trap…in all meanings J there is something good also, some good bands too…but the interest for new music as a live thing is very low…so all the industry looks at in the Trap/Rap stuff…or, regarding live, at the old big names….old dinosaurs….for great events….we miss the little / medium ones let’s say…


If you could tour with any band(s) (active or not) who would it be and why?


Stevie Wonder! He’s “responsible”  for songs in the key of life…..and music is the key of life for us: truth must be told! 😉


Why do you do what you’re do? (re: making music)


We really cant help it! We cannot imagine our life in any other way than playing music, except maybe doing Philosophy (but I speak for me only, I don’t know the others)


We are fans of comics, sci-fi, horror and wrestling. So tell us, what kind of nerd are you?


We are musical nerds for sure….we do this 24/24 hrs, we spend all our profits in that….but we like also movies a lot, any kind, even Horror…well… maybe we are not nerds about that, but we love them a lot

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