The Rogue Files: Interview with Bleeding Raven

BR 3


Tell us about your project.

BLEEDING RAVEN is an ‘aggrotech’/industrial pursuit. I call it ‘dungeon trash’ lol It grew out of another project called Gnostic Gorilla which is more Gothic/Dark wave/Industrial. The sound (Bleeding Raven) is abrasive, haunting, creepy and even in some ways bizarre.

What are you working on currently (album, tour, music video, etc.)?

So, Darkness Consumed was the debut album, which was released in October 2019 by Cleopatra Records. It’s unfortunately, also the last album because of a medical problem that has taken away my hearing completely and totally in the left ear and it cannot be fixed with a hearing aid. But, back to the question at hand, I hope to keep promoting this album and as well hopefully find a way to do a video for it. Also, in the Autumn of 2019, I was involved in another project called Luna Melancholia with Marcel Lecker of Battlemoose and we released Das Probleme des Bösen.  As well, there will be another (and last) release by Gnostic Gorilla possibly by summer. This is already in the vault. So, lots in store for the future …sort of.

If you were asked to re-Score a movie, what movie would it be? Why?

Interview with a Vampire. But the movie would have to be more ‘modern’. I mean, a remake of that movie. Why? I don’t know. My music is perfect for anything creepy and dark I guess.

What is the music scene like where you’re from?

Well, like most modern Canadian cities, you will find everything. Most people gravitate towards ‘pop’, and hip hop or old school rock or country on the FM radio for old bats. Then you have the more ‘underground’ type people who crawl out at night (or fly out lol) who are more into either alternative metal or Goth or industrial.

If you could tour with any band(s) (active or not) who would it be and why?

Gary Numan or The Cult.

Why do you do what you’re doing? (re: making music)

Yeah, so, music isn’t my ‘career’. It’s a hobby. If I relied on music to make a living I’d be on skid row. But as to why? It’s a creative outlet. It’s an attempt to do ‘art’. That’s all. I don’t take myself so seriously.

We are fans of comics, sci-fi, horror and wrestling. So tell us, what kind of nerd are you?

Well…I don’t collect comics per se. I used to a little bit. But I do have a very specific type of collection, and that’s Batman action figures with removable cowl…starting with the old Mego Batman RC. But it has to be with removable cowl. So I have a trunk full of many different types of Batman action figures with removable mask. I like vampire movies (but not Twilight) and my favourite is Francis Ford Coppola’s Bram Stoker’s Dracula and The Queen of the Damned. I got the original Phantom of the Opera silent movie and I love it. NOW…shit…I should do a score for that. LOL I found the first 30 Days of Night to be quite wild. I liked the first Sinister and the very first Exorcist but other than that…I’m not obsessed with horror movies. Wrestling? Never got into that. Nothing against it, just not my thing. But I don’t watch any sports on TV. How geeky is that? I like fishing and when I was a lad I played basketball but that’s it. These days I just sit around and knit voodoo dolls. Hahahahahaha (Just KIDDING) Thanks for the interview mates!
Bleeding Raven Spotify:

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