Damnation’s Corner: Album Reviews

WilderunVeil of Imagination

When Death Metal Opeth hooks up with Dream Theater and Ensiferum’s Power Metal chanting, they have a beautiful baby named Wilderun. Veil of Imagination is the band’s third album and I don’t know about you, but if you are this good on your third album, I can’t wait to see what happens in the years to come. What’s great about this album is it really blends Death Metal, Prog and even some Power Metal very fluidly. I remember seeing these guys about 4 years ago, their level of musicianship was no where near where they are now, and the show was still amazing! If these guys don’t play Prog Power before it comes to an end in 5 years (at least in Atlanta, hopefully someone picks it up) then someone isn’t doing their job right. They also seem to be a part of this new “trend” where you make the first song of the album like 14+ minutes. Okay that isn’t a trend really, but who cares I love when bands do things outside of the norm. So do yourselves a favor, open the windows, crank up the volume and listen to the new Wilderun album. It will be the best hour and six minutes your neighbors never saw coming!

Rating 5/5


Novembers DoomNephilim Grove

I stumbled upon Novembers Doom randomly. My brother was given their 2002 album, To Welcome the Fade, by someone who clearly didn’t know him too well. Not to say my brother didn’t like the album but, he was a huge fan of The Beatles, Van Halen, GnR, and Dave Matthews, of course he didn’t like Novembers Doom. I on the other hand, “borrowed” the album from his room and took in the brutality, at that point in my life it just didn’t click with me. Fast forward a few years and I re-stumbled upon them with their 2007 album, The Novella Reservoir, I was hooked! Nephilim Grove marks the eleventh release from Chicago Doom masters, Novembers Doom, and they aren’t holding back. Upon first listen I was taken back to the first time I listened to them, just soaking in the shear brutality that Paul and crew shell out. The first track had a Hammers of Misfortune feel to it, but if you’re looking for the no holds barred  Novembers Doom, never fear there’s some of that on this album. Who am I kidding, It’s brutal as fuck, just the way you want it!

Rating 5/5


NileVile Nilotic Rites

Wanna learn about things in the water, listen to The Ocean. Wanna learn about how to kill something brutally, listen to Cannibal Corpse. But, if you want to truly learn about Egyptian culture, without going to a library or museum, listen to Nile! These guys have been conquering Egyptology for 26 years and they show no signs of slowing down. I actually don’t think they can slow down, nor should they. Actually if you’d like a slower paced Nile, check out founder Karl Sanders solo project, it’s ambient as all hell and just as fucking epic. Vile Nilotic Rites showcases newest member Brian Kingsland of Enthean and we think he does a great job! If you are looking for killer riffs, blast beats that would make Adam Jarvis (Misery Index, Pig Destroyer, Asthma Castle, etc.) blush, and just over all crushing album, give this a listen.

Rating 5/5


ObsequiaeThe Psalms of Sorrowed Kings

One of the most EPIC albums of 2019 was released just a couple of weeks ago. The Psalms of Sorrowed Kings is the third album from Minneapolis, Medieval Metal act Obsequiae. Never fear, it was just as hard for me to type that out without having to look it up 5 times as it is for most to say. And what is this Medieval Metal I speak of? Think Folk Metal mixed with elements of Doom. I dunno, I imagine this was either listened to on the way to one of the crusades of the middle ages, or was written soon thereafter. The Psalms of Sorrowed Kings blends epic Metal with beautiful sounds of the harp, birds chirping and babbling brooks and that is just some of what the album showcases. There is a true talent coming from Obsequiae and we can only imagine that the live show is just as epic. I just hope we get to witness it sometime soon!

Rating 5/5

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