Album Review: Cattle Decapitation – Death Atlas (2019)

The planet is on fire, the oceans are rising and we are roughly a decade away from a MAD MAX style existence where Thunderdome will be the only law. Meanwhile, Cattle Decapitation has reemerged from a four-year recording break with a new slab of *impossible* deathgrind. Those who have been following CATTLE DECAPITATION in recent years will recognize that the epic songwriting and screeched choruses of the last three records have become a part of almost every track on Death Atlas. That is not to say that the band is resting on their laurels, quite the opposite Ryan’s vocals are more expressive and unpredictable than ever, with his non-metal influences fully on display here. Guitarist Josh Elmore’s typically frenzied riffing is more melodic than ever, with thick rhythm passages and massive sustained chords. Death Atlas feels like a band firing on all cylinders with nothing to lose and nothing to prove. A celebration of all the elements that make Cattle Decapitation an enduring force in extreme music. The envelope has been pushed, the boundaries have been obliterated and let’s just hope the earth is still here long enough that we get another Cattle Decapitation record someday.




5/5 Impossible Whoppers

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