Album Review: Exhumed – Horror

The New EXHUMED album is “A Legit Snacc”

Horror is the self-described “stripped-down” new album from the esteemed gore metal band EXHUMED. Horror is an exercise in back to basics grinding death metal that also happens to be their most fun outing in years. If you are looking for the technical death metal of Anatomy is Destiny look elsewhere. This platter of splatter is only interested in delivering the grind like a gore-soaked trailer reel of video nasties. Even the album’s cover conjures up warm memories of walking up and down the aisles of a mom and pop video store obsessing over the lurid artwork and promised carnage of big box horror VHS tapes. The songs are fast, violent, and chock full of blast beats and catchy repulsion worshiping riffs that leave you wanting to hit restart the minute the song is over. Matt Harvey and Ross Sewage’s vocals are full of punk/grind intensity while also managing to cram an inhuman amount of words into each sub-two minute song. Sebastian Philips of NOISEM is the new kid stepping in to replace longtime member Bud Burke, and between Horror and NOISEM’s excellent Cease to Exist 2019 is proving to be a great year for the young guitarist. Overall I give HORROR by EXHUMED my best review

5/5 Lucio Fulci’s ZOMBIE VHS’

For fans of: Repulsion, Terrorizer, Nasum, Ghoul

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