Dr. Pretorius’ guide to Psycho Las Vegas Pt. III Sunday


It’s Sunday, you’ve lost about 85% of your hearing, the desert sun has changed the texture of your skin to that of a chicken McNugget. You being to fear that if you stop drinking now the cumulative hangover could be fatal but, nevertheless you persist. And you will be rewarded with a day of melodic, dark and downright psychedelic insanity.

Have a Nice Life – “Burial Society”/ With a band name like “Have a Nice Life” I was completely expecting skinny guys with hot topic hair and white studded belts. I was very pleasantly surprised by this. A nice slice of echo-drenched post-whatever music that had my head bobbing and my mind-expanding. Reminiscent of some of Converge’s spacier tracks.

1349 – “Enter Cold Void Dreaming”/ Fiery Dissection inspired blackened metal of death. 1349 was the year the black death arrived and killed a third of the Norwegian population in one year completely restructuring their way of life.

Mogwai – “Brain Sweeties”/ I guess we all know why Mogwai are not playing the beach stage…

Deafheaven – “Dream House”/Well they aren’t real TRVE/KVLT black metal! Who gives a shit… But, they look like dudes that would work at Urban Outfitters! Also, who gives a shit. They write decent tunes that are full of melody and complex rhythms. If you don’t like that… don’t buy their albums or see them. Have fun with your KVLT Kasset Kollection.

Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats – “Vampire Circus”/They are the pipers at the gates of dusk, they are the musical equivalent of watching an old hammer horror flick on late-night TV.

Twin Temple – “Sex Magick”/ SATANIC DOO WOP!!! If the roadhouse from Twin Peaks was a real place… this band would play every night. Be warned this video contains a naked lady with a goat head… so I guess wait till your boss is taking a shit to watch the video at work. To quote Bart Simpson, “Everybody knows all the best bands are affiliated with Satan.”

Power Trip – “Executioner’s Tax (Swing of the Axe)”/ I used to think these guys were a little overhyped… but this song kills and their live performances look fun as fuck.

AMENRA – “A Solitary Reign”/ Alcest’ sludgier doom metal siblings. Agalloch without the whisper/crying vocals? Grey Metal? Either way I dig it.

Opeth – “Deliverance (live)”/ If you’re reading this there’s a good chance Opeth has probably written more brilliant albums than you… its just math. In fact, they have written more classic songs before they stopped doing death metal vocals than most artists do in an entire career. Plus, Michael Akerfeldt is funnier than some professional stand-ups and English is probably his 3rd language. So dust those Cheeto crumbs out of your beard and enjoy some progressive Swedish music.

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