Doctor Pretorius’ guide to Psycho Las Vegas pt. II: Saturday


Mork – “I Sulket Av Myra”/  Mork crafts atmospheric mid-nineties Black Metal reminiscent of early Ulver and the first wave of Norwegian Black Metal. I believe this is the Peaceville-band’s North American premiere. I don’t know… Google it I guess.


Tomb Mold – “Beg for Life”/ Tomb Mold play like a forgotten 90’s death metal act. Early Bolt Thrower meets Deicide.


Soft Kill – “Missing”/ Last summer’s Savior was definitely one of my favorite releases of last year. There are a lot of bands doing this Cure/Killing Joke inspired style nowadays but Soft Kill’s songs are just catchy and infinitely listenable.


Old Man Gloom / “Simia Dei”/ It was hard to pick just one OMG song for this list, Their albums are best experienced as a whole. That being said “Simia Dei” is a standout among a crowded field. This song is the soundtrack to a Planet of the Apes style uprising, and I for one welcome our new simian overlords.


Carcass / “Rot ‘n’ Roll”/ This was almost impossible to decide. They are easily my favorite band for many years and in my opinion have never put out a bad album, or even a bad song… so I decided to showcase a lesser-known song. “Rot ‘n’ Roll” is clearly a Heartwork era song but the shadow of SWANSONG is looming. Jeff’s snarled sarcasm drip off these lyrics to beautiful effect. Now lets all hope Carcass premieres a new song soon.


Tobacco – “Streaker”/ I don’t know if I get this band… but this video is pretty creepy. Be warned there’s a floppy dong and a hairy vagina if that sort of thing offends you.


Oranssi Pazuzu – “Lahja”/ OP are too interesting and complex, to sum up in a few sentences by some idiot on a website pretending to be a fake doctor. Just click the link and listen for yourself.


Clutch – “Electric Worry”/ I got to know this album very well when I used to work at a CD Store. I would put this on to bring up the mood when regular customers would complain that I was bumming them out by playing Ulver’s Shadows of the Sun on repeat for hours.


Full of Hell – “Aria of Jeweled Tears”/ Easily the band I am the most excited to see live. I have been a fan since the second record and their live shows look completely bananas. I chose my favorite song from the new record Weeping Choir, “Aria of Jeweled Tears” is Discordance Axis grindcore meets Weekend Nachos powerviolence filtered through a blackened industrial edge. Full of Hell are the vanguard of modern grindcore.



The Obsessed –”Forever Midnight”/ Doom awaits.


The Misfits – “Halloween”/ The “original” lineup. Nothing I write here is going to change your mind about this one. Either you’re in or you’re out.

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