Doctor Pretorius’ Guide to Psycho Las Vegas: Friday Night

Damnation magazine’s chief medical deviate turn intrepid mondo reporter Doctor Pretorius will be on (severed) hand at this year’s PSYCHO LAS VEGAS Festival August 16th-18that Mandalay Bay resort and Casino. Check for tickets and details. In the meantime check out Doctor Pretorius’s guide to Friday’s line-up.


Candy: “Lust for Destruction”/These hardcore upstarts combusted on to my radar with 2018’s excellent “Good to Feel”. This track is just dripping with noise, youthful chaos and aggression.


Hangman’s Chair: “Naïve”/I wasn’t familiar with this French doom group prior to this. After a quick YouTube search, I was pleased to hear Naïve… A decent doom track in the vein of Pallbearer, Khemmis, and Katatonia.


Royal Thunder: “Blue”/This song just brings up great memories of seeing them open for Pallbearer back on their first record. Royal Thunder is just a sure bet live.


GlassJaw: “Ape Dos Mil”/I needed some help from Mrs. Doctor Pretorius for this one.  Here is her expert pick, enjoy.


Devil Master: “Her Thirsty Whip”/Devil Master put out one of my favorite albums of the year and “Her Thirsty Whip” is a highlight. Mixing Samhain and Celtic Frost with Jean Rollin aesthetic let the Devil be your master with Her Thirsty Whip.


Goatwhore: “Chaos Arcane”/Truth time, I was never much of a Goatwhore fan. I had seen them on countless tours and always thought their live performances were stronger than their albums, but Vengeful Ascension completely lived up the promise of their live shows. Enjoy the lead track “Chaos Arcane.”


ILSA: “Cult of the Throne”/Much like their cult movie namesake, ILSA is a sadistic, nasty doom band that brings the aural pain. “Cult of the Throne” from their split with japan’s Coffins


Nothing: “Bent Nail”/The wall of My Bloody Valentine sound, the catchy songwriting of Smashing Pumpkins, and the delay of early Radiohead all converge in this stellar single from Nothing’s second full length.


YOB: “Marrow”/A fucking masterpiece of a song that melts time to its own purposes. YOB is a religious experience live.


Cold Cave: “The Great God Pan is Dead”/This excellent opening track sounds like a bonus track from David Bowie’s Scary Monsters album played at 75rpm. Highly recommended.


Fu Manchu: “GODZILLA”/Fu Manchu playing the heaviest most radioactive rock riff of all time… no brainer.


Bad Religion: “You”/5 words, TONY. HAWK. PRO. SKATER. 2.


Perturbator: “Venger” ft. Greta Link/Blade Runner inspired Synthwave at its finest! Sit back close your eyes and imagine yourself in Los Angeles 2049.


The Crazy World of Arthur Brown: “Fire”/Okay, I know the song choice is basic… watch his manic delivery and costume straight out of a Jack Kirby Doctor Strange comic. Essential.


Graveyard: “Hisingen Blues”/Bob Odenkirk approved… Blues Inspired 70’s rock. Another amazing live band.


High On Fire: “Fertile Green”/Just watch this video and try not to give yourself CTE headbanging.


Godspeed You Black Emperor: “East Hastings”/I don’t know what to say about this one. Godspeed seems like a band that requires some work but is definitely worth it in the long run.


Electric Wizard: “Torqumada 71″/I AM THE INQUISITION… Maybe the catchiest vocal lines in all of EW’s vast heavy discography.


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