Nordahl’s Corner: Harakiri for the Sky – Arson

We here at Damnation Magazine aren’t always the best when it comes to churning out reviews of new metal albums.  It’s hard to find time to write several paragraphs on an album, even if you really like it, when life is bombarding you non-stop with an endless barrage of flaming crap.  But let’s quit our whining and bitching and let you know about an album you really need to check out for yourself.

The band is Harakiri For The Sky from Vienna, Austria and their new album is entitled, Arson.  This is a perfect name actually because, most likely upon hearing this album, a fire will be ignited within your metal heart that will grow to a raging inferno.  The band’s promo material tells us that they were originally started as a studio project that fused melancholy and aggression bringing equal musical elements from black metal and atmospheric post rock.  The band has since grown into a live lineup and the difference can be clearly heard in this new music.  The music is driving, rhythmic and engulfs your soul.  Highlights for me are the opener “Fire, Walk With Me”, “You Are The Scars” and “Heroin Waltz” but there are no weak tracks to be found.  Yes – all of the songs are rather lengthy, but they never overstay their welcome.

Bottom line – this is an album fully worthy of you dropping down some of your hard-earned cash.  Hell – I’m seriously considering forking out almost $50 for the limited edition of this record that includes a special box and many other goodies because it includes a bonus track not available on the regular versions.  I’m Mr Cheap-Ass when it comes to buying records so the fact that I’m so enamored with this album that I truly want to part with that much money should speak volumes to the awesomeness contained within.

For fans of: Winterfylleth, Numenorean, Alcest, Ellende

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