Song Review: Visions of Atlantis – Return to Lemuria

Album Preview: Visions of Atlantis – “Return to Lemuria”
Record Label: Napalm Rercords
Review By: Todd Naevestad

Recently Visions of Atlantis released the music video (below) for “Return to Lemuria”, a single off of their upcoming album The Deep & The Dark. A symphonic metal band, this album will be Visions of Atlantis’ first album since 2013. They have apparently gone through a number of band member changes since starting in 2000, which is apparently not that uncommon I’ve come to find out since starting to write for this magazine. Regardless, “Return to Lemuria” gives us a taste to what is to come in this new album.

Central to the song are the vocals of both Siegfried Samer and Clementine Delauney. Delauney is also a part of Exit Eden, whose review is on this site. And if you’ve seen it, you’ll know I’m a big fan of her voice. Let my bias be known now. Still, the duet between Samer and Delauney is fantastic without my fanboying. While Delauney is the airy, classical sound, Samer is quintessential power metal, and the balance is amazing. Neither drowns out the other, instead complimenting each other in a magnificent tightrope act. The story they sing, of two lovers and the future they look toward, is charming and a great use of their voices.

Of course the music is great to. The melody is so strong. Whether played on guitar or keyboard or whatever, it’s catchy and easy to pick up. I find it’s been stuck in my head a few times since listening to it and replaying the video a few times for this article certainly hasn’t helped. But that’s fine because I’m really digging it. Since I talked about balance in vocals I just want to mention as well that both the guitar and the keyboard getting parts of the solo is great.

The video itself is less impressive. While it’s got some nice art, mostly it’s just Samer and Delauney in portraits singing and the lyrics listed beside them. And might I add that Samer is not getting the same off screen hair blowing fan that Delauney is, which I think is unfair and a missed opportunity. Still, it is nice to see them performing the vocals. I think they could have done more with the epic sea voyage aesthetic they seem to be going for.

I say check it out. It’s an enjoyable song that has really taken root in my brain. I’m looking forward to the album release, projected to be out February 16th. Look for Damnations review out around that time. Until then you can follow the link here and pre-order the album if you like what you’ve heard so far.


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