Album review: Unspeakable – Expulsion Of The Triumphant Beast


Available now at

Review By: Richard Jaspering

This second release from St. Louis black/death metal band Unspeakable came to me in the mail on a cassette. The cassette looks slick, Lauren Gornik (metal artist extraordinaire) took the photograph of the Unspeakable members and it’s a stark one. The sound that rips through its duration is quick, primitive and meditative upon the occult. The grooves inherent to this release are brief but very memorable. The rhythms tend to vary from bestial pace pushers to d-beats and steady rockers, but do so without a hitch and create a complete rorschach of vicious musicality.

For fans of early Beherit, Black Witchery, Sarcofago and other warlike metal cults, Unspeakable is an awesome throwback to old school black/death, embodying honesty in lyrical sadomasochism and malicious musings upon the cosmos.

The cassette features two extra songs that aren’t available on the download-only release (being “Fevered Dreams In The Witch House” and a cover of NME’s “Unspeakable”). You can buy this tape (limited to 100) from Unspeakable at their Bandcamp or at Devil Music (

Rating: 4 out of 5

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