Photo Gallery: Gost & Dance With The Dead

Occasionally we at Damnation like to branch out of our musical norms and into something, well “different.” I use the quotes loosely as the two artists I watched Sunday evening definitely were influenced by some sort of metal, be it Black or Thrash in variety. First up was local electronic act Giant Monsters on the Horizon, I wasn’t sure how I would like them seeing as the electronic scene isn’t quite my forte. However, they brought the house down like Godzilla brought down Tokyo! Next up was Gost, I felt a very heavy black metal influence in his sound. What, with the robe, skull and inverted cross on display it was easy to put two and two together. Gost, was the main reason I went as I was somewhat familiar with him before the show. I was not disappointed with his performance either, very animated and really fucking heavy! The final act was Dance With the Dead. I wasn’t very familiar with them going into the show, but its not every day you see an electronic act with guitarists, other than maybe Carpenter Brut. I am sure there are others, but again not my scene. The more interesting part of their set was the backdrop, a white cloth showcasing horror imagery, their logo and the Master of Puppets artwork. Thats right, Dance With the Dead did an interesting electronic remix of “Master of Puppets” and, well, it was pretty cool. It was my first time to Off Broadway in years and needless to say it was well worth the trip back! The sound was great and they did some remodeling or at least I feel like they did. Regardless, I was fortunate enough to take some photos of the show so as always check em out, like, comment and share the photos you like with family, friends and other fans of the artists that performed.

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