Photo Gallery: Ektomorf

I have been listening to Hungary’s Ektomorf for a long time. Ever since I first came across their Sepultura-esque sound about 8 years ago or so,  I have been hooked. Dying to see them perform, I thought it’d take a once-in-a-billion-years type event to bring Ektomorf to our fair city of St. Louis. However, one day while scrolling through the book of faces, I noticed an event that proved me wrong: Ektomorf was finally coming to St. Louis!

When I arrived at the venue, there wasn’t much of a turn out and I felt bad considering their first impression of St. Louis was disappoint attendance figures. That’s apparently how our metal community rolls sometimes, especially when St. Louis metal fans aren’t too familiar with a band. It is something Damnation Magazine strives to change. It is not something that will change overnight, but dammit we certainly try! I broke one of my own cardinal rules on this night: I literally only went to the show to see Ektomorf, so I headed out shortly after their set, rather than checking out all the bands.

Ektomorf was everything that I imagined they would be, and so much more. It was almost like watching an early form of Soulfly – or Sepultura in their early years – except the difference is that Ektomorf has been around for nearly twenty years. Their set, although short, was heavier than hell and the crowd ate it up! I certainly hope they will come back to Saint Louis again in the future, perhaps on a bigger package. However, if it is another “small” show, Damnation Magazine will do as much as we can to promote the hell out it to ensure a hefty turnout!

Please check out the photos below and, as always, “Like” and “Share” them. Let us know which ones you enjoy and which ones you would’ve taken with your Nokia brick from 10 years ago, bro.

Last, but not least, help us spread the good music of Ektomorf! \m/

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