Royal Blood @ The Peabody Opera House 10-12-17

I showed up last Thursday night to the Peabody Opera House a little early to pick up my photo pass for the Queens of the Stone Age show. I stood in the wrong line for about 10 of those minutes, then by the time I ended up in the correct line and received my pass I was rushed down to the pit area to shoot the opening band, whom at the time were on their last song. I proceeded to snap a few quick photos for the remaining 26 seconds before their third song was finished. So I was able to get just a few photos.

I’ve never heard Royal Blood until that night, but they were pretty refreshing. Although just a drummer and a bass player, the energy that just two Brighton boys exuded on such a large stage felt intimate, like you were in a small venue. The singer/bassist played the bass more like a guitar, adding distortion and other effects like a whammy pedal adding the higher octave. Definitely had an earlier Muse vibe, and didn’t mind it.

-Jason Hackett



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