Photo Gallery: Incubus and Jimmy Eat World @ Hollywood Casino Amphitheater

The first time I got to see Incubus was February of 2000 at the old American Theater for the first Snocore tour, along side System of a Down (during their first album) and Mr. Bungle (during California). Yes, Mr. Bungle, I got to see Mike Patton, but thats for another time.

I grew up listening to Incubus from the first time I heard the album “Science” (1997). The unique blend of rock, punk, funk, jazz and metal was a refreshing departure from that area’s “alternative” Smashmouth and Sugar Ray. Incubus took the stage at Riverport (currently Hollywood Casino Amphitheater) with a new track “Love in a time of Surveillance”, which I had not heard until this moment, at times I thought of if Rage Against the Machine covered Led Zeppelin’s “No Quarter”. They followed that one of their radio hits “warning” which actually had more energy live. Then came a garage punk inspired song “Nimble Bastard” off their newest album. They played a mix of their radio hits mixed with various newer material. The only song they played off of their 1997 release Science was “redefine”. The highlight for me was a song that I had not heard before, that I later found out was called “Sick Sad Little World” off of their 2004 release A Crow Left of Murder. It featured an extended instrumental break reminiscent of The Mars Volta.



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