Photo Gallery: Galactic Empire @ Fubar

Theres nothing nerdier than watching grown men dressed up as Star Wars characters and playing songs from the movies in a very in your face, heavy as fuck manor! Upon finding out about Galactic Empire a few months back, I grew very excited about the fact that I might get to one day, witness their epic performance live. Now, I am not as big into the gimmicky bands as some of us are, however I know brilliance when I see/hear it and know its at least worth checking out live once or twice. As they walked out on stage Boba Sett – drums, Bass Commander – bass, Dark Vader – lead guitar, Shadow Ranger – guitar and Red Guard – guitar took full command of the crowd from the start of the set, all the way to the very end. The way they moved and communicated with the crowd was wonderful as well. Dark Vader threatened to put someone in a choke hold with the force, if they didn’t like the music and to our benefit it was our very own Matt, errr Tim, the voice was pre-recorded so its always a Tim they “threaten.” I have to admit they truly know how to perform and entertain the crowd. Luckily I had reached out a bit in advance in order to take some pics at the show so feel free to rummage through those below. As always, feel free to like, comment on and share any of the photos you like, oh and welcome to the dark side!!

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