Photo Gallery: The Damned at Delmar Hall

Getting to see The Damned play at Delmar Hall on their 40th anniversary tour was nothing short of spectacular. While I was not as familiar with their music, other than what my fiancé had played for me over the years, she on the other hand was in punk rock heaven and giddy as a school girl. Watching a band she grew up listening to perform before her very eyes was a dream come true. The opening act Bleached was very reminiscent of the Go-Go’s and got the crowd going in a way you’d expect if you were at an old punk rock show that you’d see on videos from CBGB’s. Bleach reminded me of that time in Kevin Smith’s Chasing Amy when Joey Lauren Adams sang a punk song with and old band of hers. The singers movements and looks were kinda similar, at least in my head. Regardless, they were loads of fun and I tried to capture the essence of their performance in a way that it looked to me. I loved the fact that hey had decorated the stage with flowers and a lava lamp. After their set, it didn’t take long for the venue to pack full for the sold out performance about to take place.

On a side note, before I talk about The Damned’s set, I will say that I have been to Delmar Hall a few times now and it continuously gets better with each show! And the fact that you can order a pizza from Pi right across the street and take it inside with you is pretty fucking cool, which by the way is a great idea when you need to get dinner before a show, highly recommend. Back to The Damned, as I said, I wasn’t familiar with them as much as everyone else there, but damn if it mattered. They came out and completely took over the venue with their punk rock and British humor throughout the night. While I recognized a few songs here and there, watching them play in and of itself was fantastic. They played about 20 songs and each and everyone was something I felt like I knew, just in the way that they played and moved, just gave them a certain familiarity to their set. Regardless, I want to share my photos with you all fans and non fans alike, so please take a look and as always like share and comment on the ones you enjoy. I’ll see you around!

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