Photo Album: The Flaming Lips @ The Pageant

For years I have been dying to see The Flaming Lips perform, as I had always heard wonderful things about their live show. So when I was messaged by Flaming Lips’ PR asking if I would like to photograph the show, you better believe I jumped all over that chance! The Pageant is and always has been one of my favorite venues here in St. Louis, since the closing of many greats (Mississippi Nights, The Galaxy and Creepy Crawl) amongst others. Anytime a band such as The Flaming Lips announces a show and its not at a festival or some over sized venue that unless you have good seats isn’t worth while, and especially if that venue is The Pageant, then I am all about it. Over the years The Pageant has come home to many great concerts from the metal scene to the indie scene, to stand-up comedians and everything in between. Many of the shows at The Pageant tend to sell out, due to the love of the atmosphere at the venue and the proper booking of the right bands, which is why it holds its place in the top 10 ticket selling venues in the WORLD! So needless to say it was really cool to hear Wayne Coyne speak highly of the venue before one of their songs.

The opening act, Cherry Glazerr, was not only an interesting choice but a great one. Consisting of a female vocalist with an attitude that will act all innocent and then as if out of nowhere scream and go crazy, not to mention songs about getting your asshole licked, or at least that’s what I am pretty sure she was saying. Turns out she wasn’t so innocent after all and we love that kinda shit! They played for about 30-45 minutes and man was it jam packed with energy and ferocity. They are definitely well worth checking out be it on Spotify or iTunes, Amazon just pick your poison. To me the vocals reminded me of a cross between Dirty Little Rabbits and Stolen Babies with the cute clean vocals intermixed with chaos and silliness. Musically, I couldn’t really place them, but probably because I focused so much on the vocals, that I blocked the rest out completely. . . Oops!!

After about 20 or 30 minutes of set change it was finally time for the reason we were all here, The Flaming Lips. Now, as I had said earlier, I have never seen them before and had no idea what I was getting into. Lead singer Wayne Coyne walks on to the stage and the crowd immediately erupts into one great big dance party! Massive amounts of confetti launch into the air, 20 or so giant confetti filled balloons get tossed out into the crowd and Wayne shoots out streamers all while conducting his band into the opening song of the set! It was by far one of the craziest things I had ever encountered at the opening of a set and it didn’t end there. The entire set was full of surprises such as Wayne riding out on a Unicorn or walking over the crowd in a large inflatable ball. The light show was beyond spectacular as seen in the photos below. Fan of the music or not, The Flaming Lips know how to put on a spectacle worth watching. I was familiar with 3 or 4 songs of the entire set and was not disappointed at all with what I witnessed, as it was  single handedly one of the most excellent shows I had been to in a long while. I highly recommend checking out their live show at least once, I guarantee you will want to go again, just for the experience!

I was privileged enough to take photos of the entire set and am proud to show them off to you all, so please check them out below and as always like, comment and share with any friends and family!

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