Vlog: Wizard World St. Louis 2016

Matt Albers

Those that follow Damnation Magazine, particularly on social media, know that while we primarily focus on news related to all forms of loud rock music, we also branch out to pop culture. It’s no secret that there are parallels – especially among fans – between the music that we love and comics, gaming, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, anime, and more. Just as concerts and festivals are great places for people with similar music interests to meet and interact, conventions like Wizard World offer the same environment in the pop culture spectrum. Unsurprisingly, those same two fandoms can cross over into each arena.

In our continuing attempts to bridge those gaps and collectively bring like-minded individuals together within these realms, Damnation Magazine received press access to several St. Louis-area conventions in 2016. And in our typical fashion of working on this site in between our day jobs, Matt’s first vlog at Wizard World 2016 took just a little longer than expected to complete. In this fist edition, follow Matt in his misadventures beginning on April Fools’ Day (which he makes painfully sure to remind everyone of) after struggling through exhaustion from an overnight shift, and throughout the weekend. There he talked to local cosplayers, vendors, and even a few metalheads along the way.

And just as a heads up, not only is Matt’s first attempt at a vlog both long (just under an hour) as well as full of him bumbling around with new camera and audio equipment, it’s also a little NSFW. So, you might want to keep the volume down and the little ones out of the room. And just as with any comic-related video, make sure that you stay until after the credits! Please enjoy!

Wizard World returns to St. Louis, MO in 2017, April 7-9.

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