Album Review: Gorod – Kiss the Freak ep (2017)

Band: Gorod
Album: Kiss The Freak ep
Release Date: April 1, 2017

When it comes to Thrash Metal in the more modern days we tend to think of bands like Warbringer, Havok, Toxic Holocaust amongst so many others. Well, what if I told you that French Tech Death titans Gorod were so excited about an upcoming tour they had with Warbringer, Havok and Exmortus they decided to record a 5 song EP full of some very Thrash-tastic riffs, all while keeping their insane technical attributes that everyone knows them by? Don’t believe me? April 1st, Gorod releases Kiss the Freak ep, which was written and recorded within the span of 2 months, and it’s ridiculously fucking good!

With just about 20 minutes of spin time, Kiss the Freak brings us four new songs and a thrashy re-imagining of “Chronicles from the Stone Age” off of their 2nd full length, Leading Vision, making this is one of the most relentless thrash albums I have heard in a while, coming pretty close to the new Warbringer. For a band that usually “specializes” in the technical aspect of metal, Gorod have proven that they are not locked into one sub-genre of metal and can pretty well master anything they set their minds to. Opening track “Being a Jerk” featuring the snippet they posted a week ago kicks the album off with an explosion of riffs, blast beats and gang chants which carries on throughout the EP.

Now, it doesn’t surprise me that Gorod is putting out an exceptional album, AT ALL. The part that got to me was the recorded in 2 months and fucking damn near perfect! There’s groove, bone smashing riffs, shredding for as far as the eyes can see and its catchy as hell. I am on the third listen since starting this review, and THAT is my only downside. I know this is only an EP, but this would’ve been a killer full-length album. If only they had more time to write it!

Pre-orders are available at this link, if you order by March 31 shipping is free and its only 10 Euros!! That’s really damn cheap for something you can only get online or from a show! I highly suggest this album to round out your thrash album collection and while it isn’t available on vinyl just yet, they say it isn’t that far from being released on that format as well.

Rating: 5/5 (the time complaint can’t be held against the rating of this album)

RIYL: Havok, Warbringer, Exmortus, Gojira

Kiss the Freak Track Listing:

  1. Being a Jerk
  2. Tony P. Shot
  3. Anise Power
  4. Lost in Osaka
  5. Chronicles From the Stone Age


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