Photo Gallery: Alcest @ The Ready Room (STL,Mo)

When it comes to St. Louis, underground metal shows can be few and far between. When I first found out that French act Alcest was going to be playing at the Ready Room in January, I thought I was dreaming. As the day grew closer and the show was still on the Ready Room website, I knew that it was truly going down and I was finally going to get to see this fantastic Atmospheric Black Metal band that I have been wanting to see for years! Just a few weeks before the show another great concert got announced thatI feared would draw from the crowd, maybe you’ve heard of the band, Superjoint (Ritual). They dropped the Ritual, for whatever reason, however when the show was announced for the same date as the Alcest show, I had to get my priorities straight. Do I go see a legendary, though racist as hell, metal icon over at the Pop’s Nightclub with bands like Battlecross and Child Bite (whom fucking slayed at Full Terror Assault this past summer, I really want to see them again) or do I go see Alcest, who came all the way from France and who knows the next time they will play our fair city again. The choice was simple, as great as it would have been to see the Superjoint crew, Alcest is more of a once in a lifetime show.

Upon arriving at the venue, I wasn’t sure what size crowd to expect, I had my camera and sometimes the bigger crowds make it harder to get good shots. It wasn’t a large crowd at all, though not small by any means. For the first time Alcest is performing for a bunch of STL metal heads, I would say they had a pretty decent turnout, especially with Superjoint playing the same night. The opening acts were not my favorite. Don’t get me wrong Creepers was pretty cool, just not something I see myself sitting down and listening to over and over again. The Body, was far from what I had expected. It was interesting to say the least, though if I wanted to watch a few guys on keyboards and samples while one of them screamed into a microphone, I would probably just start my own band. I heard from a few sources that this wasn’t their typical set, so I don’t know what changed because I quite liked what I listened to on Spotify, but just couldn’t get behind their live set. However, it kinda reminded me of Carpenter Brut, which opened for Ghost at The Pageant late last year, in some aspects because they too projected crazy videos along with their set.

Finally the moment everyone in the crowd, including myself and Chris (I made him go to this and not Superjoint) had been waiting for. Alcest took the stage and for an hour to an hour and a half we all stood there in awe, watching these great musicians perform magic, albeit black magic in front of our eyes! If you have ever listened to any of their albums, seeing it all performed live was just as beautiful and powerful as you would expect. I am glad I chose the Alcest show and I would do it 100x over again if given the same opportunity. I was able to capture some really great shots of their set so please browse through them below and if you like something you see please let us know and as always like, comment and share with all your friends!

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