Photo Album: Winter Wolves Benefit 2017

The Winter Wolves benefit shows have always been really amazing! Coming about once a year, the benefit goes to helping out the Endangered Wolf Center in Eureka, MO. I have always had such a great time at the Winter Wolf benefit as it mixes some quality metal acts across the wide variety of metal acts in the St. Louis Metro area, though this year it expanded to Cincinnati, Kansas City, Atlanta and Chicago as well.

Hosted by Lord Kirby Ray of Cape Girardeau’s Emaciation and put on by St. Louis’ very own Simon Koch and Cameron Rhoads, the Winter Wolves Benefit took place at Fubar in St. Louis, MO, hosting nine incredible bands in the Black Metal, Power/Death Metal, Brutal Death Metal, Thrash Metal and Death Metal genres. This year consisting of bands like Cycle of Ruin, Stonehaven, Terranaut, Emaciation, Animated Dead, Nucleus, Thorhammer, Vimur, and FaithxTractor. This year seemed really well attended as the benefit raised over $1100 for the Endangered Wolf Center!

A good time was had by all and we always look forward to the next one, which fortunately is coming sooner than we think!

Damnation Magazine was proud to offer up their press services as we had Three photographers at the event. Next time we actually hope to do a little more for the benefit, what that might be we aren’t sure yet, but we want to pitch in a helping hand for this great cause. As for this year, well take a look at our photos and let us know what you think! Hopefully it will entice many of you to come out to the next one to grow this in to a bigger, better showcase to show what real St. Louis metal heads are all about!

OK then. . . Please go to our Facebook page for the photo gallery until we can clear up some space here!! Until next time, we will see you in the pit!

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