Top 10 lists of 2016



As 2016 is drawing to an end, we are finally revealing some of our favorite albums of the past year. There were a hell of a lot of albums that came out and we couldn’t listen to all of them, however of the ones we heard, here were some of our favorites.

Choosing a top 10 is a LOT harder than you would think. If you can imagine hearing hundreds, if not Thousands of albums within a years time, just to break it down into a “Top 10?!?”  Think about it, that means that to pass a fair judgment you would have to listen to each record only once and you would be listening to about 3 records a day, at LEAST. That doesn’t even give the average listener enough time to soak in what the album is truly about, let alone allow someone to pass judgement on it. There is a lot of talent out there, along with a lot of crap sure, but definitely more talent, and lets be honest its all opinion based anyway. One person might think Metallica’s Hardwired… To Self Destruct was the best thing since sliced bread, while someone in the same room as them might think its a bag of hot garbage. That being said, to think that someone listens to everything and gives it a fair chance, I would have to guess that most case scenarios you’d be wrong. Hell some of the albums on here, while I absolutely LOVE them, did not get the attention they deserve.

Lets face it, I can’t say, that I gave an album released a week before the end of the year, as much of a listen as I did something that came out in January. However, I stand by my lists, and if you’ll notice I didn’t rank them as if the number one album got a prize or anything. It’s just a list, as it should be, if I had to number them it would be totally random and made up. This way you get my honest opinion as to what intrigued my ears this past year. It doesn’t matter to me if you agree or not, but maybe some of you will find out about and album or band that you never heard of and give them a chance. That’s really all I ask, so without further ado scrounge my list and find your new favorite album!

Nick’s lists:

Top Metal albums 2016:
Fleshgod apocalypseKing
Dillinger Escape PlanDissociation
Obscura Akroasis
Allegaeon Proponent for Sentience
The Gorge Thousand Year Fire
AnciientsVoice of the Void
Lions DaughterExistence is Horror
Hell Night Human Shelves
AdeCarthago Delenda Est
Gojira – Magma
Alcest Kodama

Honorable Mentions:
ToothgrinderNocturnal Masquerade
All Hail the Yeti Screams From a Black Wilderness
ExmortusRide Forth
Game OverCrimes Against Reality

Naturally, you can’t have just one list right? Well I can’t because let’s face it, I love music, A LOT, and well I know enough to get my foot wet in these other categories. Also I’m getting older and really taking a liking to more Progressive and Power Metal. These albums struck my fancy and I think if you gave them a listen, you might agree!

Top Prog/Power albums 2016:
Devin Townsend Project Transcendence
Myrath Legacy
Dream TheaterThe Astonishing
Orphaned Land/AmasefferKna’an
Katatonia The Fall of Hearts
Lords of BlackII
Serenity Codex Atlanticus
The Neal Morse Band The Similitude of a Dream

Honorable Mentions:
Circus Maximus Havoc
Pain – Coming Home
Astronoid Air
Twelve Foot NinjaOutlier
PeripheryIII: Select Difficulty

Really Nick, a third list!! What can I say the Extreme Metal gods spoke to me, and to be honest these albums these particular albums don’t fit with your standard every day metal albums. I am quite fond of these when I am feeling extra pissed off at whatever the day gives me, these guide me through it tougher times. Plus, there’s a hell of a lot of talent here and that some of these bands would’ve otherwise gone by the wayside. One that kind of caught me by surprise was local artist Aureole, while working on a project for the past 7 years, two other albums got released. One of which in this list and the other in the EP list, I have attached the link’s in hopes you will give it a listen and pick up and album or two.

Top extreme albums of 2016: (Including Black Metal, Avant Garde, Brutal Death Metal, etc.)
Rotting Christ – Rituals
Anaal NathrakhThe Whole of the Law
Kvelertak Nattesferd
Inquisition – Bloodshed Across the Empyrean Altar Beyond the Celestial Zenith
Ihsahn Arktis.
Ghost Bath Moonlover
KhonsuThe Xun Protectorate
UADADevoid of Light
Borknagar Winter Thrice
AureoleAurora Borealis
DarkthroneArctic Thunder

Ok, last list for albums at least. Too often to the Extended Plays fall through the cracks unnoticed to many. 2016 had a lot of great EP’s come out and we know we missed a lot of them, but these were worthy albums from all these bands. I feel like its actually harder to make an EP than a full album. With an EP you get one shot to sell the shit out of it, every song has to be worthy of releasing, albums you can have filler and whether its good or bad filler is up to the listener.

Top EPs of 2016:
DivinityThe Immortalist pt2: Momentum
Nine Inch NailsNot The Actual Events
Scour Scour
Agoraphobic NosebleedArc
XaemoraKingdom Venom II
GorgutsPleiades’ Dust
Ghost Popestar
AbortedTermination Redux
ShiningRedefining Darkness
Fister – Fister/Teeth split
Mare Cognitum/Aureole Resonance: Crimson Void split

Here it is, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. . . .

Top Concerts of 2016 attended by Your’s Truly:
Ne Obliviscaris @ Fubar (StL, MO)
Nile @ Fubar (StL, MO)
Full Terror Assault (Cave-in-Rock, IL)
Taake @ Fubar (StL, MO)
Devin Townsend Project/BTBAM/Fallujah @ Mercury Ballroom (Louisville, KY)
Blind Guardian/Grave Digger @ The Ready Room (StL, MO)
Sunn O)))/Big ‡ Brave @ The Ready Room (StL,Mo)
Amon Amarth @ The Pageant (StL, MO)
Meshuggah @ The Pageant (StL, MO)
Lamb of God/Clutch @ The Pageant (StL, MO)
Cannibal Corpse/Obituary/Abysmal Dawn/Cryptopsy @ The Ready Room (StL, MO)
Kvelertak @ The Ready Room (StL, MO)
Epica/Moonspell @ The Ready Room (StL, MO)
Avatar @ Fubar (StL, MO)
Swallow the Sun/Dark Tranquillity @ Fubar (StL, MO)
Soilwork @ Fubar (StL, MO)
Hell Night/Fister @ Fubar (StL, MO)
Vektor @ The Firebird (StL, MO)
Steve Vai @ The Pageant (StL, MO)
Dream Theater @ Peabody Opera House (StL, MO)

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