Photo Gallery: Full Terror Assault II

Three days of Metal, Booze, Camping and Extreme Heat. And you know what, we would do it all over again in a heartbeat! Full Terror Assault II went off without a hitch, well almost. Nothing wrong with the fest or anything, no it was more mishaps on our own accord; Missing tent poles and what not. We got a new tent and everything was fine and all, just a minor set back. While everyone else was figuring out  our tent situation, I went full force into what we came to do . . . Explore the festivities and enjoy some fucking METAL!!

Being the second year of the festival, I wasn’t sure what to expect, especially since I hadn’t gone the first year. The kick off show on Thursday , while only to a select few hundred or so patrons, was a pretty good indication as to what to expect for the weekend. Now, I am not going to sit through here and list every band and why they were awesome, or why you should/shouldn’t check them out. Day one, while hot, was nowhere near the hottest it was going to get. So, we strongly urge you , if you attend next year (as you all should) to pack accordingly. Bring enough water to even out the beer/alcohol so you don’t get dehydrated, a hat that not only will keep the sun off you, but you can throw some ice inside to cool off your head (that worked wonders on Saturday), an extra pair of shoes and/or sandals in case of rain and for the showers, extra cash for food (if you didn’t bring anything to bbq), lastly don’t let the sun keep you from what you came to do, hang with new friends and mingle with the bands! Ok  so things got kicked off to a great start with Carpathian Funeral, since they were a pretty evil band I decided to give them somewhat of the 80’s horror treatment. Their set brought upon the demons that were to live in these deep, backwoods campgrounds that held Full Terror Assault. Seriously, from the drive to the grounds, the creepy out of order Ferris Wheel and everything up until the end of the fest felt like it was out of some crazy horror flick (luckily no deaths occurred to my knowledge) hence most of the time you see photos of the campgrounds, they will have that  ghastly feel to it.

Though the crowd was small, granted for a second  year it seemed the right size, everyone fucking raged hard during many of the sets whether it  was brought upon us like Cephalic Carnage’s Wall of Carnage,  or just outright insanity which was seen throughout, the patrons of the festival were there to witness history! How is it they were witnessing history you ask? Well see 5-10 years down the road, when this thing has grown into something we can only imagine Waken or  Blood Stock or any of those European festivals are like, we can say I was there when it all started. And that is something to take pride in. So the kick off party went without a hitch and metal heads from across the US were rocking to some of their favorite or new found favorites. As the sun started to set the temperature dropped a little, people started coming out from their campsites to the brutal sounds of Strong Intention, Interment, Organ Dealer and Waco Jesus. As I said I don’t want to talk about all the bands, but for a kick off day it had a great start and a solid finish. If you haven’t heard any of the bands I just listed do yourself a solid and check em out!

The night  seemed to drag on, we got back into our tent and it was just as hot and humid as outside. The bugs were singing along to whatever music they were composing and I am sure metal heads like myself were restless, just thinking about what the day had brought and what is to come the next couple of days. I found the ear plugs I was handed during the sets and placed them in my ears, like that I was at ease and could sleep. I awoke the next morning bright and early and covered in sweat, took good use of the showers at camp and made way for the day. Within a few hours I was  ready for the music to start, as tonight was the night I was most excited about with Shining, Belphegor and Rotten Sound taking the stage, I just had to survive the heat!

The day went rather smoothly, I got to watch one of my favorite local acts, The Lions Daughter, destroy and got introduced to some new bands. It was a brutal one out though, heat index of 100+ degrees, the more I drank, the more I sweat and the more I just wanted to die.  There were a couple off cold fronts that kicked in to cool things off which was greatly appreciated and Bands like Child Bite, Product of Hate, Embalmer and Gutted Alive, not to mention Putrid Pile helped get me through to the bands like Starkill, Gorgasm and Abigail Williams. Rotten Sound and Shining both put on one hell of a performance, one I am truly glad to say I was capable of witnessing, and then Belphegor brought the storm. No seriously,  as soon as they finished playing the clouds rolled in, the thunder and rain began, thus causing me to head back to the car to keep my camera from getting drenched. While I wanted to go back out in the rain, I am glad that I chose to stay dry and listen from the camp site. It rained for hours until I finally decided to climb into the tent and pass out. What a peaceful sleep that was, not even joking it was cool and the rain had slowed down to a peaceful drizzle. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to sleep.

Saturday same routine, woke up early and showered and just sat until the almighty Fister took stage. I am pretty sure they woke anyone up that was trying to sleep as well as just brought the crowd to them. It was great to see more local bands, friends, just dominate the stage and bring the crowd into an early afternoon frenzy. Saturday was ruthless, it was hot and I had a pounding headache. So a few of the bands got very little attention from me, even though I would’ve loved watching them. I was finally able to get some much needed drugs to cure my throbbing head and was back in action just in time for ThorHammer, another STL band! Again the day was filled with many great bands like S.N.A.F.U., Blurring, Cognitive and Sacrificial Slaughter got us all ready for what was undoubtedly the most insane performance of the weekend, Cephalic Carnage! Cephalic was a tough act to follow but Lock Up, Mobile Deathcamp, Hammer Fight and Sacred Reich all did a spectacular job. My other personal favorite was Master, I had been dying to see them for years and I can finally mark them off my bucket list, though  it will hopefully not be the last time we cross paths!

Ok I have rambled enough, the fest was only $40-60 for about 50 great bands. I can’t say enough how important this Open Air Festival is for the US. In the coming years I only see it growing bigger and better. The best part about it is that the musicians are just wandering around and you can freely talk to them at your own will. Many of them are they are to camp and have a good time just like you. So do yourselves a favor, next year when the fest is announced and tickets go up for sale, fucking buy them and lets make this one party metal heads from around the world don’t want to miss! On top of all the great bands and the access to talk with them, there are some great people attending that just wanna meet new friends and rock the fuck out with the rest of us. I met some very interesting people from all around including the folks that set up Chicago Domination Fest, the sound/light guy for Incantation who had an amazing story of a club that is literally off the grid, and made some new friends from my hometown! You just never know who you are going to meet or what kind of stories they are going to have. So stop by, buy them a drink and strike up a conversation! Until next year, check out my photos like, comment and share the ones you enjoy. And keep your eyes peeled because I just might put photos up for sale, so you can remember the fest that was Full Terror Assault!