Album Review: Heaven Shall Burn – Wanderer


Band: Heaven Shall Burn
Album: Wanderer
Release Date: Sept. 16, 2016
Label: Century Media Records


If there is one thing we can say about Germany’s Heaven Shall Burn, its that they are fucking consistent! Ever since I caught wind of them with 2002’s Whatever it May Take, I have been nothing but floored by each consecutive release. Wanderer, not only is a continuation of that tradition, but holy FUCK, this just might be their greatest album yet!

While I can’t pinpoint it exactly, Wanderer starts off with a bang as “The Loss of Fury” blasts through the speakers! The relentlessness continues throughout each track as Heaven Shall Burn‘s guitars chug and the blast beats. . well they blast! However, it isn’t just blast beats that get this album going, Christian Bass brings a nice groove with his drumming to add depth and character to the songs. I have yet to see HSB perform live but I can only imagine how intense these songs will be live, circle pits and just hardcore mashing until your bones are broken, face is bloody and the shirt is ripped to shreds. Songs like “Downshifter,” “Bring the War Home,” and “A River of Crimson” are sure to pack the heat, hell just the intro to “A River of Crimson” alone is going to get the fans riled up!

I would just like to point out that at this moment the final song “The Cry of Mankind” came on, if people don’t get behind this song there is something wrong with them. It’s heavy, beautiful and full of great meaning and a solid song to close the album. Almost a power ballad and  a great way to come down from your high adrenaline rush the rest of the album brings forth!

Now, some might say that bands like Heaven Shall Burn, “every album sounds the same,” while I can agree to an extent, they have a chemistry that keeps them going and if it ain’t broke. . why fix it. If these guys continue on for another 20 or so years, I wouldn’t be surprised one bit. Wanderer takes you on a nice journey through Thrash/Hardcore heaven, which is probably why its burning. . . Lame yes, but admit it you laughed :). Wanderer is due in stores September 16, through Century Media Records. You know all the avenues as to where you can buy it, as these guys are pretty much held at every music shop. For those that don’t, pre order the album at Century Media‘s website or here and get all this great stuff with it!

Rating: 5 of 5

RIYL: Dew-Scented, Caliban, Amon Amarth, Kreator

Track listing of Wanderer:
1. The Loss Of Fury
2. Bring The War Home
3. Passage Of The Crane
4. They Shall Not Pass
5. Downshifter
6. Prey To God
7. Agent Orange
8. My Heart Is My Compass
9. Save Me
10. Corium
11. Extermination Order
12. A River Of Crimson
13. The Cry Of Mankind

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