Photo Gallery: Return of the Dreads tour

This summer we, as well as many of you got to relive your childhoods as many of the bands that were new and popular as we were growing up did a few tours. First there was Disturbed and Breaking Benjamin, next Marilyn Manson and Slipknot and the final one was Korn and Rob Zombie. Now this wasn’t the first time Korn and Zombie toured together, but aside from Mayhem Fest the last time these two mid 90s titans toured together was roughly 1999 in the Rock is Dead tour. We here in St. Louis missed out on that tour as our date was one of a couple cancelled as ex-Korn drummer David Silveria had some hand problems at the tail end of the tour. Needless to say we have been itching for a reunion of that tour ever since. 17 years later and our inner teenage selves are jumping for joy as they announce the Return of the Dreads tour with In This Moment opening up.

The night of the show couldn’t come quick enough, Korn had just released a new song, Rob Zombie’s new album has been out for a couple months now and fans everywhere were dying to see it all live! First up was In This Moment, usually I am pretty content with watching them perform as they never really let me down live. Tonight, I wasn’t really let down (aside from the fact that no old songs were played) but it just wasn’t your typical performance from the group. Vocalist Maria Brink traveled “off stage” to change her outfit between every song, which would have been ok for a headlining set, but as the opening act. . just play your fucking music and go. Again, they weren’t the worst thing that could have happened and I still rather enjoyed their set, it was just irritating. The one benefit of shooting their set was that they allowed us to shoot their entire set. That usually only happens in smaller clubs not the amphitheaters like this one was at. At this point in time I had yet to make it to my seat, that’s right seat, not the lawn, but a seat. I was actually floored when I discovered not only was my comped ticket in the seats, but it was within the first 10 rows! Their stage show made for some really amazing pictures and since I had the whole set captured, there were a lot of them to sort through; needless to say there are about as many photos of them as there are Korn and Rob Zombie combined.

After their set I walked around and ran into some old friends as well as some new ones until it was time for Rob Zombie to take stage. Why Rob Zombie was not headlining, at this point doesn’t really matter. Sure he’s a big name, but so is Korn and well I wasn’t out in the lawn during Rob Zombies set, but I was for Korn and people were going fucking nuts. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves now, Rob Zombie took stage and had clear control of the crowd, though even with his new album I feel like the set was a bit the same. I was really hoping that since the new album has somewhat of a White Zombie feel that they might have done something crazy like play a great mix of Rob Zombie and White Zombie songs, that wasn’t the case. While it was a bummer to see a set we have basically seen time and time again, it never really gets old as there’s always something to look forward to. John 5 with his glow in the dark rings and mouth piece (seen in some of the shots), Gingerfish with his face paint and hypnotic bass drum heads and Piggy D with a green Dracula looking mask I knew we were in for a show. The set as previously mentioned was very similar to those of tours past including songs like “Thunderkiss 65,” “Dragula,” and “Living Dead Girl” amongst some new favorites like “Everybody’s Fucking in a UFO,” and “Get High.” During John 5’s guitar solo as per usual Rob walked around the crowd with his spotlight and upon getting back to stage went on a 3 minute rant about people and cell phones and blah, blah, blah we know you don’t like cell phone use as much as the next guy but seriously 3 minutes?!?! That’s like a whole song! I was actually very excited when they showed the newest trailer for his upcoming movie 31 which looked fucking brutal to say the least, we can’t wait to see it next month, and I believe went right into “House of 1000 Corpses” after the trailer showed so that was pretty nice.

After Zombie’s set I went to the green room for press and cooled off for a bit, its nice there were couches and free drinks and popcorn. It was at this time that  I was preparing myself for Korn‘s set and talking with Kirby Ray of 93.3 Real Rock Radio in Cape Girardeau, MO and front man of black metal act Emaciation. The last time I had seen Korn was either at Mayhem Fest or our local radio show Pointfest, can’t remember, but it was finally nice to see them on their own tour again! Being my 16th or so time you think I’d be done watching them live, however if you have never seen Korn live, you shouldn’t judge them until you’ve seen them. They throw down like no other band and they still had the same energy today as they did 18 years ago when I first saw them in 1998 for the first Family Values tour. I was glad that we got to shoot during their new song “Rotting in Vein,” so I could see the energy of the band from a song they most recently created. It was as tight for them during that song as it was during “Here to Stay” and other old classics. Even though they played mostly hits, I feel like they dug some out of the woodwork for this tour, I still wish they would have come through for their 20th anniversary self titled tour, but maybe next time. After the first three songs we are allowed to shoot, I took my camera to the green room and went to my seat for a few songs. At one point I decided that I should probably meet up with Matt of Damnation and thank him for getting everything set up for me to shoot, as well as just hang out and relive our childhoods together. He made a note of their set being a little down tempo from usual, while I noticed that, we both agreed that it didn’t matter, we were happy, the band was happy and the rest of the fans were going apeshit! The night was finally over and it was like I travelled back through time from 1999 to 2016 as I walked to my car and drove home. Needless to say it was a great show and if the tour isn’t over you should totally check out a date near you!

As I said I got some great photos from the night so as always please like, comment and share any of the photos you love!

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