Photo Gallery: Black Crown Initiate

Early last month, Pennsylvania’s Black Crown Initiate graced us with their presence after nearly two years since their last time here. To say the show was nothing short of spectacular would be and understatement. The local openers from start to finish really helped build the crowd up for the main attraction of BCI. Starting off with Abolith from Springfield, to my knowledge it was their first time through St. Louis and hopefully not their last! Next up was a young act Adamantium, yes the strongest, heaviest metal on earth. I wasn’t quite sure what to think about them as I feel like they played mostly cover songs. But, they played them very well, they got me out of my seat at the bar and right up front to watch the rest of their set. Following them was Oracle, even though down a frontman due to his being arrested, they still powered through their insanely awesome set as though nothing were wrong. Finally was Lyluth, they have been around for a few years now and our friendship with them has grown strong. Brandon, vocals, always seems to be the life of the party during their sets, which I mean good for him if you stick out to the crowd they will come back for more, I know we have! Brandon made his way through the audience and took a selfie with us as well as gave Damnation Magazine a shout out on stage, so cheers to him and his band. They are a solid opening act for most any show that comes through and even though they are from Farmington (about 45 min south) we consider them a solid part of the STL local scene.

On to the main act, we had started out the day interviewing Guitarist/Clean Vocals, Andy Thomas. Truly one of the nicest guys we have interviewed and the most open (he shared with us and the crowd later of his stomach problems). Now, to start off I would just like to say that the last time Black Crown Initiate came through St. Louis was about two years ago. I remember seeing their show listed on Fubar’s page and thinking it would be a good show to go to. However, I wasn’t familiar with them yet. The day after the show was when they released a new song from their last album, The Wreckage of Stars, or at least that’s when I first heard it. Intrigued and remembering they had a show coming to town I decided I would look at Fubar’s page again to find out when. . to my dismay it was the night before and I was a little crushed. However, at that point I didn’t think it would take two years for them to make a return.

Ok on to their set, first of all if you haven’t seen these guys play live you are missing the fuck out! Not only are they very precise with their playing, they sound just like the album! Vocalist James Dorton is very animated with his gestures on stage and it really shows in the photos I got! Their entire set was fucking brutal and to top it all off they opened with my favorite song, which I believe is usually a closer “Great Mistake.” Throughout the rest of their set the crowd was going fucking ape shit for them, it was glorious to watch. I really wish we would have made our way down to Kansas City to see them with Ne Obliviscaris a week or so ago as that would have been and insane show to see at the Riot Room. Once the set ended, which seemed real quick, they made sure to meet with everyone that wanted to meet them and just kinda hung out for a little bit. It’s great to see that in a touring act, cause lets face it, they don’t have to sit with any of us and talk. Unfortunately we were a show or two before they caught up with Wes Hauch, formerly of The Faceless, as a second guitarist. I highly suggest going to see these guys if they stroll through your town, they are on their way to Europe in about 3 months, so get ready as they are sure to destroy every city they play!

As always please enjoy the photos I was able to get, I just started trying out a different lens for my live shots and feel like it does wonders to my photographs. So please like, comment and share any of your personal favorites! Until next time, Cheers!

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