Photo Gallery: Warped Tour 2016 (Nick’s Journey)

First of all I would love to point out that anytime there is an all day music festival (Warped Tour, Mayhem, Ozzfest) It is always on the hottest day EVER! This years Vans Warped Tour was no exception and the temperature pushed 100+ degrees, it was a fight to the finish and the sun was winning. Grant and I arrived and picked up our passes around 1200 or so, picked up our passes only to find out that the passes didn’t include tickets into the event. I had never encountered anything like that before and while it makes sense if you are considered “Working” tickets should just get comped for you. Either way we got it all straightened out and made our way inside, just in time for Atreyu to take stage, which they were the first band we wanted to cover anyway so it worked out rather well. Unfortunately for us we didn’t really plan too far in advance as far as who shot what, so we each got our own unique shots of the same bands. It actually works out though, because there weren’t very many Metal bands playing at the same time, so we caught the bands we wanted to cover.

Atreyu, put on one hell of a show and they know it. They played for their fans and we were eating it up! Just a few minutes into shooting their set the heat kicked in, it was unbearable, so after we finished with the first 3 songs of their set we went on to the media area which was inside to cool off and get acquainted with everyone so we could find out our interview times. After that we headed back to the “Metal Stages” just in time to catch up with Veil of Maya‘s Sam Applebaum to get us on stage for a song or two and get photos of him. Now there is no need to go through every band I photographed and tell you detail for detail about our day, but I am going to do my best to get you well informed. Veil of Maya‘s set was as expected, a whole lotta fun. It was great to see them with their singer this time around, as he was sick during the Sumerian Records showcase a few months back.

Any chance Grant and I got we went back to the media tent as there was lemonade and other great free beverages for us to drink. I am just grateful that Grant had brought some spray suntan lotion otherwise I would be Red as a tomato! We walked around to the various vendor booths that were all rather busy which is a good sign, cause St. Louis on a hot day. . Nobody wants to go out in that, but the crowd was surprisingly large and rowdy!

Some of the highlights of the day were Whitechapel, Chelsea Grin, Reel Big Fish, Less Than Jake, and Every Time I Die. Not saying others were bad those were just bands that I either haven’t seen in a while or bands I hadn’t seen at all and they were pleasantly awesome! I will say that of the bands we weren’t familiar with that we watched Cruel Hand, The New Low and Prof (a Dubstep/hip hop artist from Minnesota that just started either that day or the day before) all surprisingly great sets and very down to earth guys!

Midway through the day at around 4pm I couldn’t take it, Grant and I walked around looking for the giant slip ‘n slide that I remembered from years past. Might have been the best idea I had all day, one trip through that and I was cooled off for the rest of the day, mostly. . . Toward the end, when I was completely dry, it started to get a little toasty and then the storm front kicked in. Now it never actually rained which we are grateful for, but it cooled of significantly and it was much appreciated! Overall Warped Tour was filled with many talented artists, it was a bummer we didn’t get to catch more of the old nostalgic groups like Sum 41 and New Found Glory, I don’t even know when or where Bullet For My Valentine played, must’ve missed them :(. The bands we saw were all great and I am sure you caught our streaming of the last half of Every Time I Die’s set through our Facebook page, no well it was the shit, if you can find it and its still up go watch it! If any of the remaining dates of Warped Tour are coming to a city near you, we strongly suggest going, its a day full of great music, great fans and shenanigans for all. And if you are a parent with a kid going you get in for free so long as the kids ticket is paid for, so thats a plus!

Here are my (Nick) Photos from this years Vans Warped Tour, this was my experience and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Find some photos you like and feel free to comment and share them on friends pages!

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