Photo Album: The Faceless @ Fubar (St. Louis, Mo)

It’s not too often that the right local acts are thrown on a bill to open up for some touring acts in St. Louis. However there are those few select shows where someone got their head out of their ass and did it right. When I went to see The Faceless at Fubar a couple weeks back, I was happy to see the three locals opening the show (Lyluth, Absala and As The Earth Shatters). One thing I will give Fubar is that they are never consistent with their times, most shows say the doors will be at 6 show at 7 and almost always a half hour late at least. This particular night the doors were set to open at 6:30 so I got there at 6, mostly because I had an interview with Justin from Zenith Passage/The Faceless, but I never mind getting to a show early if I can. Now I can assure you the doors weren’t open when I arrived, the bands were setting up merch and what not, but there was no line or anyone saying hey go on in, so I patiently waited outside. Around 6:30 the doors still hadn’t opened yet, so I wasn’t surprised however, Lyluth had already started playing. I figured maybe sound check, but they went from song one to song two and kept going, so I entered just in time to see the last few songs of their set, but needless to say this was one of their better sets that I had seen of theirs, hell they were even being fed chips by Jason of Absala! They powered through their set to half a crowd, mostly because I don’t think people knew the doors were open yet and people could go in. However they did a fantastic job and if its a precursor to what we will see tonight when they open for Black Crown Initiate, then we are in for a good show!

Next up was Absala, in case you haven’t noticed we really love these guys! They are very solid every time and are always getting themselves onto the right shows! While the crowd was a bit lackluster from the last time The Faceless strolled through the Lou all the bands put forth their best effort, even the locals when playing just for a few people. Now my favorite part of Absala’s set was frontman, Jordan Harris rocking the Dad Bod shirt and the Daisy Dukes! It made for some great photos to say the least. Speaking of which, it was at this point that I realized I was shooting faster than normal. . FUBAR finally changed their fucking lighting and it is magnificent!! The more they make these changes the more and more I like the venue, not that I didn’t before, but the changes sure help, so thanks Bob and the Fubar Crew!

After Absala, I went and did my interview with Justin so I did miss part of As The Earth Shatters. No offense to them but they weren’t my favorite on the bill. They were good, but should have been performing as the first band not the direct band before the national acts. The interview however went really well and I was able to snag a few pics of As The Earth Shatters, but not many. Until next time!

Zenith Passage blew me away! I hadn’t listened to them before the show, well not a lot at least. Believe me that makes interviewing someone from the band extremely difficult, but I made it alright. Their set was pretty spectacular, since I wasn’t too familiar with them seeing them live and watching them destroy, made their set that much better. They had this very SCI-FI feel to their sound and as a fan of Science Fiction, I didn’t mind that one bit. Just watching the band and their movements on stage was almost like watching a captain and his crew navigate through space and conquer aliens or whatever might be out there. The heavy parts kept your head bobbing the whole time and since the crowd wasn’t really there for them either, they were all standing back and I could move around getting the photos I wanted without struggle. Not to mention Justin and Rob were sporting their sexy new guitars from Kiesel Guitars so it was almost like a photo shoot for their new guitars too!

After their set, I kinda hung out for a bit anticipating the return of The Faceless, this time with Ken Sorceron of Abigail Williams on vocals. I had know about it for a month before the show and even with talking to Michael Keane about it, I wasn’t sure what to expect. All I can tell you is Ken fucking destroys! I am so used to his vocal style for Abigail Williams that when he came out and did those low guttural vocals that you hear in many of The Faceless‘ songs, I was blown away! Not only could he get the job done, he gives it more of a raw sound and I think that fits the bands sound quite well. The way he could command the crowd just as he does with any other band and the rest of the guys meshed so well with him. Michael’s clean vocals mixed with Ken’s Death Metal vocals were the perfect match. Now I have seen The Faceless countless numbers of times, probably with each vocalist and I feel like the just keep getting better with each performance. Either way they played a quick and brutal set of old songs and one new track, lets just say I can’t wait for the new album!

The show let out fairly early, which was ok with me so I hung around and talked with the guys for a little while. I know this was a quick tour and is already over, I am glad we were a part of it, however if The Faceless or Zenith Passage come through your town do yourselves a favor and check em out! I got some really bad ass shots this time around, the light guy for Fubar was talking to me after the show and said he was trying to help out, but he couldn’t wait to see the photos with the new lighting. . I think he will be pleasantly happy, as for you guys and gals feel free to look through and as always Like, Comment and Share the photos you love!


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