Photo Gallery: Sunn o))) @ The Ready Room (STL, MO 6/6/16)

Anticipation grew as soon as this show got announced and I was finally going to get to see the lords of Drone music, Sunn o))). I never really listened to them, but just hearing about their shows, the loudness and the cathartic release that comes from their set enthralled me enough to add them to my bucket list.

The night of the show came quick, as this year we have had more shows to keep us busy than usual. What better night to see the TerrorDrone band themselves than on June 6th or 6/6/16. The night kicked off with Hissing, a three piece from Seattle, WA, now to most people they probably thought, hmm, what a great new band. While I thought the exact same thing, I couldn’t help but notice  that they reminded me of our very own Fister, aside from them being awesome that little fact made me enjoy them that much more. Hissing played a nice four song set consisting of (1- cairn 2- husk 3- polar night 4-shibboleth) and they were four of the most face-melting songs that you have ever been encountered with from an opening act. I was mad at myself for waiting for the show to be over to buy their cd, they had sold out before I got to them. However in speaking with the band on the book of faces, they are working on a Spotify account and albums are available elsewhere. Needless to say, if this tour comes to a town near you get there early, you do NOT want to miss Hissing!

Next up were Montreal Doomers, Big ± Brave. I will just go right ahead and say it, I knew about as much of the opening acts as I did Sunn o))). The only thing I had heard was to get to the show early, from everyone including Dave Brenner of Earsplit who set us up with the opportunity to cover this show (Thanks Dave!). When the band took stage, I was taken aback by the beautiful Robin Faye took stage as the bands vocalist. Not because she was a female vocalist, no I am far from surprised anymore to see a female vocalist in metal, it was the same thing I thought first time I saw Landmine Marathon and met Grace Perry (original Vocalist) and though. . She is so adorable. Unlike Grace, Robin had a singing voice to match, her almost J-Pop style of singing went surprisingly well with the doom that the band was playing and that is something that stands out to me. When she screamed though, I was lovestruck, not only could she sing like an angel, but she could be just as aggressive as the rest. Combine that with the musicianship of Mathiew Ball,  Louis-Alexandre De Beauregard, and Robin Faye goes flawlessly alongside their energetic stage presence, of which I tried my best to capture those movements with my pictures (let me know how I did).

Finally, the moment we all were waiting for Sunn o))). I want to start off that I still have no idea what songs they played and I have never seen so much fog in my life (outside the Smokey Mountains). The funny thing is, before their set started the fog machine startled me the first time it went off. I knew it was there, but wasn’t given a warning that it was going to blast fog while I wasn’t paying attention. Thankfully they moved that fog machine and aimed it more toward the stage. If there is something you should be warned about when seeing this tour or any Sunn o))) tour it is this, DO NOT FORGET EARPLUGS, whatever you do, DO.NOT.FORGET.EARPLUGS!!! I made this mistake and never again, 30 minutes into their set and probably only one song later I finally caved and had to get some from the bar.

On to the actual set itself. I was bummed at first with all the fog, that is until the band started to take stage. One at a time, their silhouettes came to stage and vocalist Csihar Attila started off with the most beautifully haunting sounds for about five minutes, later to be joined by Greg Anderson and Stephen O’Malley for an hour and a half of sheer, mind-numbing, ear-splitting sounds of pure ecstasy. I was glad the crowd finally filled up, had no idea what the turn out would be like, but damn it was a big one. I stood there snapping photos, soaking it all in and looking around as hundreds of people were standing there practically hypnotized by the hum of the amplifiers projecting bass louder than I had ever heard before, the screeching of the guitars creating their eerie horror like sounds only enhanced in creepiness by the fog and the crazy ass sounds coming from Atilla’s mouth that could only be described as throat singing and the voice of the demon himself. Their movements like art pieces as I captured them on “Film” and I watched the fans just standing there in a trance just soaking it all in. Seeing Sunn o))) live was easily one of the most cathartic experiences I have had, just the feeling of all the crap in the world washing away and nothing mattered but what was happening on stage, even though it was the thing nightmares are made of. Their performance is a person with synesthesia’s wet dream as I was able to capture the colors that only helped with the light show.  When the set had ended even after 10 minutes it was hard to see three feet in front of you the fog was still so thick. All I have to say is when you walk into a venue and see a mountain of amplifiers stretching across the stage, you know you are in for one hell of a show!

As I said earlier, I was lucky enough to capture these moments for you all to see in the gallery below. Each of these photos is as beautiful and haunting as the music they came from so please enjoy. And as always feel free to Like, Share and Comment on any of the photos you like!


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