Album Review: Mortal Peril – The Legacy of War


Band: Mortal Peril
Album: The Legacy of War
Released: May 21st, 2016
Label: Independent
Genre: Thrash
Rating: 666/5

Established near Cologne, Germany in 2010, Mortal Peril has been proving to their fans and new listeners worldwide that thrash is far from dead. Originally a 4 member group, 9 days after the release of The Legacy Of War, guitarist Björn announced his departure from the band for personal reasons. He contributed rhythm guitar on all tracks on the album. As of now, Mortal Peril resides in Wesseling, Germany and consists of Jan Radermacher on bass and lead vocals, Pete Rode on guitar, and Jonas Linnartz on drums and vocals.

The Legacy Of War contains of 9 tracks and runs a total time of 37 minutes. Recorded at Stonehedge Studio in Siegburg, Germany, Mortal Peril decided to take a different approach with the recording aspect of this album and used a 2″ analog tape machine instead of going digital. It truly gives it that fuzzy, old school sound that many bands attempt and fail. Instantly reminding me of a mix of early Metallica and Iron Maiden, it was obvious that these guys are very talented and have a passion for what we all know and love as true thrash metal.

Some tracks that stand out and tempt me to hit the replay button are “Creeping Apocalypse”, “Psychotic” and “Gladiator” as they contain very catchy and beautifully composed guitar melodies that really compliment the fast and precise drum work. A little fact about the drums and guitars that impressed me was that all drum work on this album was done in one take (not to be mistaken for first take). The guitars I’m told were all done 3 to 4 takes, which makes a undeniable statement about their abilities as both individuals and as a group.
For any thrash fan I can guarantee you that by the time the this album is through, you’ll have a new favorite band.

Check out Mortal Peril’s, The Legacy of War, now by contacting them on their facebook page or sending an email to
RIYL: Game Over, Condition Critical, Dew Scented, Hatchet, Sodom

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