Photo Gallery: U.S. Extermination Tour (St. Louis, MO @ Way Out Club)

There are a lot of things that could have been different about this show. For starters it could have been on a different night than Killswitch Engage, I think a good chunk from that crowd would have definitely come to this show had they not had previous engagements. Second, it could have been at a different venue. . . could have, I wouldn’t have changed the venue for anything though. It was my first time there and let’s face it I had a fucking blast! Lastly, maybe a little more promotion, part of that falls on us (though we didn’t find out about this show until a couple of weeks before hand).

For those that didn’t read my review of the two Game Over albums I did last month, what the fuck are you waiting for go read them!!! Just kidding, but seriously please do it will inform you on the band! Game Over is Thrash Metal from Italy and could stand up against many of the Thrash Metal bands out there today. I walked into the venue not knowing what to expect, would there be a big crowd, would they mind if I took pictures and best of all would there be food??? To answer those in order, no there was not a big crowd but a very small, very rambunctious crowd. No, they did not mind that I brought my camera and as you can tell they were very gracious and made for some most excellent pictures. Yes, there was food. . .kind of after I had introduced myself to some of the guys in Game Over, they quickly took me in as one of their own. Was it because I was one of the only few that knew of them at that particular show, probably, did I mind. . FUCK NO :). They offered up some of the food that they had catered to them, I was hesitant at first, but my growling stomach soon took over. I then told them how I had made one of their songs a ringtone on my phone and they were ecstatic. . hell they even played that song and dedicated it to me!

All the bands on the bill were amazing, the ones that I saw anyway (though I think there were only three total?) St. Louis’ Lightning Wolf was a surprise out of left field, they were mind blowing and a shit ton of fun! New Jersey’s Condition Critical turned it up a notch and really brought it out in the crowd and then Game Over closed the night off with a quick 30-45 minute set, but damn they put on a fun show. If I could follow these guys around I definitely would. So, that being said, wasn’t much of a review of the show cause its been about a month, but it was more of a way for me to say. . Check out my shots, I used a completely different camera than I usually do and I was very impressed with it. Not only that I had fun again while taking pictures at a show. Granted I always have fun, but new experiences with different cameras are always exciting to me. So look through the photos and as always, comment, like and share the ones you love! A special thank you to Thrashamania for putting on this show too!

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