Band Spotlight: Apotheon (Boulder, CO, USA)


Apotheon is:
Andrew Morris – Drums
Fernando del Valle III – Guitar
Ian Burnside – Guitar
Ibrahim Jimenez – Bass
Reece Deeter – Vocals

 Genre: Progressive Death Metal
Hometown: Boulder, CO

Colorado is the home of many great things; homegrown and legal pot, Coors Beer, Allegaeon, the Rocky Mountains, The Shining (film) amongst other things. When our good friend Fernando decided to move out there a few years back we had nothing but respect for him, finally getting out of this place we call home and branching out into new endeavors. Let’s be honest, pretty sure the legalization of pot might have helped a little?? That and the metal scene there is like no other, many bands that come from there are top notch, a little isolation will do that for you and we thank it kindly. So, when Fernando came to us and told us about this new project he had been working on we couldn’t wait and thus brings us the birth of Apotheon.

Apotheon is a Progressive Death Metal band out of Boulder, CO that is coming out at full force. I personally like to call them Tantric Metal, not sure what that means, but in all the videos of them that I saw when they first were coming about the entire band was doing Yoga as almost a calm before the storm type of action. Now we have yet to see them live, as they’re from Colorado and we’re stuck here in the LOU of Misery, but we can tell from this EP they are about to drop The Ascension that they are going to be brutal as fuck live; so maybe a little pre-show Yoga for the audience would be a nice relaxant before they go apeshit and tear the place apart!


Speaking of The Ascension, this upcoming debut EP from the band is four songs that could hold up to any current metal band out there, could be why they were just chosen to play the Denver stop of the Summer Slaughter tour this year?!? Clocking in at just  about 24 minutes, Apotheon wastes no time in getting to the ass kicking. The kick off song “Isolationist” starts up with a groovy riff that explodes into what seems like a mass murder, so much screaming and brutality. The two guitarists seem to balance each other off really well throughout the album, mixing between beautiful intricacy to crazy death metal riffs that attack like a Call of Duty: Ghost squad; quick and lethal. Vocalist Reece Deeter holds nothing back on this release showing many voices throughout, from demonic guttural growls to angry screams.

There finally comes a couple nice, calm moments in the album during the final two songs “Hyperdimensional Convergence” and “Emergence.” Each spouting some clean beautiful guitars that sooth you just long enough before you catapult into oblivion for the finale of the song/album. Overall this is a must listen for all you Progressive Tech Death metal heads out there. 

The Ascension track list:

1. Isolationist
2. Broken Spirit
3. Hyperdimensional Convergence
4. Emergence

The Ascension is to be released April 30th on the Apotheon Bandcamp page so do yourselves a favor and show your support. Does the Vocalist sound familiar??? Reece is also the new vocalist for Tech Death masters Vale of Pnath, look forward to hearing some of that soon. And if that weren’t enough, Apotheon will be working on more material later this year for another EP. It’s always good to see a young band working as hard as these guys, we can’t wait to see what the future holds for them.

RIYL: The Faceless, Between The Buried and Me, Cynic, Stealing Axion, Compasses
Rating: 5/5
 Check out Apotheon at:

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