Photo Album – Nile @ Fubar (St. Louis, Mo)

When it comes to Technical Death Metal, many bands come to mind, one that probably everyone can think of when the topic is brought up is South Carolina’s Nile. Nile has been going strong for over 20 years, and though they have had quite a few lineup changes in the past it doesn’t look like that is slowing them down in the slightest. If anything it has given a spark to the touring field, as was shown to St. Louis earlier in the week from the Epica show we just posted photos for. For a while it seemed like many bands were just skipping over St. Louis or avoiding us for some reason, but as we have said many times already there is something in the water this year that has brought many bands to our hometown and the year is only getting started!

In our interview with Karl Sanders, he mentions how he likes doing their own tour in the US and giving the local bands a chance to get their faces seen. He worded it much better, but to say the least it is really awesome that they are doing tours like that and helping out the up and coming bands in each city. Amongst our vast local scene that is ever expanding, the three lucky bands to open up were Paradigm Symphony, Absala and Tyranny Enthroned.

We weren’t very familiar with Paradigm Symphony, that’ll change guys we promise, so when they took the stage we weren’t quite sure what to expect. Our friend Metal Mike and I jokingly were naming Korn songs, because they sounded just like that. Not Korn, but they had that Nu Metal sound with a modern Deathcore mix and just enough of the vocals seemed like the Scat of Jonathan Davis to bring up some of their songs. Very full of energy and we look forward to seeing them on future shows.

Next up was the mighty Absala! I remember the first time I saw these guys, we had arrived somewhat late to the Byzantine show. . ok so we were there before the doors opened, but because our interview with the Byz took us to Schlafly Bottleworks, we got back later than expected and they were half way through their set. I remember being disappointed, not because they were bad or anything, no I was disappointed because I fucking loved what they were doing and I missed most of it (granted for good reasons, but still). We have become very well acquainted with these guys since then and look forward to every time they take stage and we are in attendance. Absala, for those unfamiliar are a technical death metal band with great structure. They are a young band still, compared to us at least, but they get it. They know that its either give all or be gone and they give 110% every time. I always enjoy talking to these guys and want to give them support when I can, maybe we will do an interview with them to get you guys more information. Regardless they didn’t let the crowd down at all that night, in fact their set got us more excited for what was to come!

Next up was Tyranny Enthroned, the Behemoth of St. Louis! I say this because they have that Polish Death Metal sound that is found in bands like Behemoth, Hate, etc. Oddly enough both Tyranny Enthroned and Absala just opened up for the mighty Carcass last night and we couldn’t be more proud! The great thing with Tyranny Enthroned is that they are full of anger and the outcome is what you get to see live. This show was the first time Brandon Park, drummer of Allegaeon, played with them and what a perfect fit he was. There are very exciting things happening in the St. Louis scene and we are all waiting patiently to see what happens next. I wouldn’t be surprised if Tyranny Enthroned got picked up in the coming years, they give us the Death Metal that we need here in the middle of the US. Their set was short and sweet but brutal as fuck, there had to be a constant circle pit through out their set, I felt like I was tossed around more during their set than any of the other sets!

Nile, what can I say about Nile that hasn’t already been said? They fucking destroy every venue they play at! Their sound is very precise and you can hear every note perfectly throughout the venue. They played for a good hour and a half or so and at the end I saw about 50 people picking up pieces of their faces that were just melted off. Just watching George Kollias drum like that as though its nothing was incredible enough, I really want to pick up his solo album “Invictus” and if you haven’t yet check out the work he does with Contrarian as well. Back to the show, Karl and Dallas were controlling the crowd just as they do at all shows taking them through a journey of ancient Egypt. I was honored to be able to photograph them at this show. We can’t wait for another tour from the guys and we hope that maybe they will bring along Melechesh like they are touring with in Europe. .lucky bastards!

Check out my photos from the show below and as always feel free to comment on the ones you like!


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