Photo Gallery: Nekrogoblikon, Lyluth, Absala at The Firebird (St. Louis, MO)

Matt Albers

As Nick mentioned in his recently published interview with The Sword bassist Bryan Richie – as well as his corresponding photo gallery of their show at The Ready Room with Royal Thunder – the end of the year-beginning of the year transition is a bit rough for us here at Damnation Magazine. All of our day jobs require extended days and hours during the holiday season (as many of you can surely relate). So, we are now finally starting to get caught up on our backlog of assignments so that we can bring you our newest original material.

Now that the whole “please accept my tardiness” monologue is out of the way, I present to you my latest overdue entry, in the form of a photo gallery taken at the St. Louis, MO venue, The Firebird on Wednesday, December 9th. That night, local promoter Mike Judy was able to book Santa Barbara, CA comedic, symphonic, melodic death metal act Nekrogoblikon on a warm-up date, leading up to their run supporting Battlecross on their second annual “Winter Warriors” tour, along with Havok and St. Louis’ own Black Fast.

Local acts Lyluth and Absala provided opening support for the first time that the wacky yet surprisingly technical quintet made their live debut in town. Please enjoy our chronicling of the heavy hilarity that ensued in our gallery below!

As always, thanks to everyone involved in making this opportunity happen for us. Also as always, thanks to everyone for their patience in taking so long to publish this as well! Make sure to catch Nekrogoblikon on their upcoming North American tour with Psychostick and Urizen! Finally, check out our interview Nekrogoblikon here!

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