Photo Album: An Evening with Ne Obliviscaris (Fubar St. Louis,Mo)

Let’s face it, I have been looking forward to the day I would get to see Ne Obliviscaris live for like the past four years since discovering them. Last January we had conducted an interview with them on their upcoming album “Citadel” which at the time we sent the questions (November 2014) was yet to be released, as well as their crowdfunding that had just been met in order to do their first world tour! Anticipation grew as we awaited the news of their first US Tour, naturally we were originally upset as the initial dates did not include St. Louis. However, we were taken by surprise when not only did they announce a St. Louis date, it was one of only a few select headlining dates!! We were going to get about 90 minutes of Ne Obliviscaris in just a few short weeks! All my friends seemed to share my enthusiasm about this show as it was all I talked about leading up to the actual show, hell I even turned two people into fans just days before the show and they attended.

Anyway, enough of this excitement on to the show. So the whole week leading up to this show it was really nice about 60 degrees, perfect weather to get down to the venue early and hang out if time allowed for it. Day of show was about 20 degrees and there was snow, not perfect, but still not keeping me away from this once in a lifetime show! Early in the day I was pleasantly surprised when looking to see who would be opening this spectacle and finding out that it was just an evening with Ne Obliviscaris, no openers just the Australian sextet and all their glory. We arrived at Fubar around 7pm, the show was to start around 8:30, all we had to say was thank the gods the doors were already open so we didn’t have to wait out in the cold! When we were walking in, there was some sort of Hip Hop show going on in the lounge side and on the venue side the stage was prepared, the merchandise was off in the back and it looked like the room was empty. We were wrong, everyone else attending the show was in the back, by the bar, as far away from the door as possible. . smart. I instantly went to the Merch Table and bought Citadel on vinyl as well as a shirt, they unfortunately didn’t have any copies of Blood Musics release for Portal of I on vinyl, which I figured but it was worth asking.

8:30 arrived faster than you would think when there isn’t an opening act and that was ok. Soon thereafter Xen, Tim, Matt and the gang all walked onto stage and for the next hour and a half continued to flawlessly. . well almost flawlessly (Matt’s guitar strap came off during one song, Tim came to the rescue) melt each of our individual faces in the venue. While the crowd was small of about 50 or so the energy we put out was massive and you could tell the band was loving it. Prior to the show I was talking with Tim about taking photos and so below are almost 50 of my favorites that I took that night. Some of them are quite grainy, but I am ok with that as I have always loved the grainy black and white photos from way back when. Maybe someday soon Fubar will invest in more lights for the main venue side, it would help greatly with the photos (hint, hint). Alas, enough from me go enjoy my photos and if you get an opportunity to catch these guys live, do yourself a favor and go, you won’t be disappointed!

At the end of the show they stood and met everyone that wanted to say hello and even did some group shots with us! Enjoy the Photos 🙂

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