Photo Album: The Sword & Royal Thunder @ The Ready Room St. Louis

Phew what a winter it has been so far. Ok, so St. Louis has had it pretty easy compared to other places, I can’t imagine getting a foot and a half of snow!! Anyway we’ve been really busy here at Damnation, so busy in fact that I, Nick, am backed up on photos for the first time in a long time! I don’t really know what happened, well ok it was the holidays that did it for me. I was working over 50 hours at my day job. . retail fucking sucks during Christmas. Either way, they are long gone and now it is down to the nitty gritty. This first batch is from when we saw The Sword back in December! Remember a couple weeks back when we posted our interview with them? Well, I was really hoping to have the photos finished then, instead I slacked and added 4 more shows to my plate!! Needless to say we’ve had a fun year thus far in 2016 and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon!

Well, I basically wrote up a review of the show in said interview, I will just cut the bullshit and give you the photos. To sum up The Sword and Royal Thunder kicked major ass AND they are teaming back up again this spring, will they be coming to a town near you?? If they do, check them out it is a show you do not want to miss!! Without further ado, please take time to look at my photos. I didn’t get many as they kept me at the first 3 songs and well the Sword didn’t have the best lighting :(. Enjoy!


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