Album Review: Weesp – The Void


In 2009, three high school friends in Minsk, Belarus started playing music together. As time has gone by the trio turned into a five-piece and musically they grew into something that can’t be stopped. Mixing their sounds with what sounds like Muse meets Lost Prophets (Fake Sound of Progress version). Their song structure is fairly basic, but powerful, just as you would expect from a group of close friends doing what they love. Allow me to introduce you to Lex, Mike, Mi, Gul and Stak also known as Weesp.

While the name is strange, their sound is strong. They bring the power ballad that Muse offers, with a punch just like Lost Prophets or Five Pointe O, remember them? The group offers clean vocals throughout most of the album though there are points where singer Lex will offer up some screams/growls. I really enjoy the subtle changes these guys go through from song to song. The song ‘Everything Burns‘ is probably one of my favorites off the album, followed closely by ‘Solar Empire‘ and ‘Murderers‘. Two of the songs (Everything Burns and Solar Empire) have guest appearances by Cory Brandan of Norma Jean, which could explain why I gravitate toward those two. It’s nice to see that my favorites off the album are evenly spread throughout, I always dislike when my favorite songs are all at the beginning or end of an album, leaving tracks unheard and never given a chance.

While there are other tracks that stick out throughout the album they either aren’t as powerful as the rest or they are vastly different and stick out for other reasons. For example, ‘Icarus Flight‘ sticks out primarily because the song is sung mostly in native tongue to the band. The band does an excellent cover of ‘Omen‘ by Prodigy, but is that enough? Bands like Weesp have a tough time these days. I can sense the musical direction they are going with each song that plays, they certainly flow well together. The tough part for them is to decide which path they take with the next album. As this album just dropped, they have plenty of time, but do they stick with what they know that seems to be working OK. . . OR do they follow suit to their strongest songs and make a full album or hell even an EP of hard hitting songs. I know they are listed as an Alternative group, but there are some Metal influences there. I really think they could do well in both worlds, currently I see them on a tour with 30 Seconds to Mars (when Leto isn’t busy being the Joker for DC’s Suicide Squad) or hell even Muse. Either of which would get them known, but you have to have more than just a handful of songs to catch the crowd. One last thing before I close up, if they are influenced by Nine Inch Nails as per their page, I would love to hear more of that sound in some of the songs. . . Just a thought.

Overall, I think these guys have a great thing going for them, especially as a D.I.Y. band. I really want to see them go places and hopefully if they release more music like the few songs I have heard they will rise up to the top in no time.


Rating: 4/5

weesp 2
RIYL: Muse, The Prodigy, Nine Inch Nails, Five Pointe O, Lost Prophets 

Track List:

Murderers 04:07
Full Stop 04:01
Omen 03:53
The Void 04:14
Waves 04:50


Please support this group here Weesp Bandcamp and here Weesp Facebook

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