Photo Album: Ken Mode Halloween Show @ The Demo (St. Louis, MO)

Halloween shows are always a blast to go to cause you never know what to expect from the bands playing. There were a handful of shows to pick this past Halloween, but the day Ken Mode was announced I knew that was the one I was going to! I had only seen Ken Mode once before and they blew me away just enough to want to see them again! We arrived at The Demo around 8:30 half expecting to have missed a band or walk in during one playing. To our surprise the show hadn’t even started yet and wasn’t set to start for another half hour or so! That was kind of nice because I would have been disappointed if we had missed out on the Bob Ross band. . err I mean The Gorge. The Four piece from St. Louis came out with their Bob Ross Wigs on and their entirely blue outfits and full on beards. . . well drummer Jerry Mazzuca apparently can’t grow a beard so his was painted on, A for effort?!? They put on a very solid show as always and it was great seeing the little head nods to the late great artist Bob Ross, the painting with the “Happy Little Gorge”, Paint brushes hanging out of their back pockets, wigs and all.

If I had to make a list of local bands that stood out in St. Louis, Hell Night would be pretty high on that list; if you haven’t seen them you really need to. They put on a spectacular show and well they dressed up as the Furies from he movie “The Warriors” so you really can’t go wrong. I loved their painted faces, it really made for some evil pictures. Now, I really didn’t take too many crowd photos and that’s my fault, but I was able to capture one that stood out. Destroy the Brain’s Andy Triefenbach was there in his simple yet creepy costume (seen below) as one of the home invaders from “You’re Next.” Once Hell Night was done it was time for the touring acts. To prove how bad I am at the game of “have we seen them before” I wasn’t sure that I had seen Lo Pan before tonight, until they started setting up the stage and it was set up in a familiar way that not too many other bands do. Their vocalist was set up behind the drummer, I asked around and come to find out they played with Ken Mode the last time we saw them. I can’t say that they were dressed up as anything, and the lighting was fairly low for their set so I didn’t get many great shots of them, these things happen and well when you don’t have a flash on you its hard to make light just appear out of nowhere. Their set was amazing though, even if there were technical difficulties (one of the monitors went out) and though we could hear them just fine, the band was having troubles hearing each other. Either way they were sure to not disappoint and carried on strong as The Demo’s staff worked hard on fixing the problem.

Before I get into the final act, I will take a moment to talk about the venue itself. I have never been to the Demo before, in either carnation, so this was a very important show for me. It’s a great little club, and when I say little I mean LITTLE (if I could get this font to go any smaller I would). The entrance leads to a hallway which takes you to the bar/venue. The stage setup is very nice to accommodate most bands out there and the lighting is actually quite spectacular for a small venue, which is very important for us here at Damnation, we pride ourselves in covering smaller shows (they are after all the most intimate). And well the sound kicked ass also, minus a couple difficulties the venue itself is pretty amazing! They have a fully stocked bar as well so that kinda helps, I look very much forward to seeing Baroness there next month!!

So before we get into Ken Mode, I would be stupid not to mention the Comedian they brought with them Garrett Jamieson and it was his birthday! It was an honor to spend it with the 34 year old in his “Sexy Single Mother”/Unicorn costume. He was pretty hilarious, picked on my girlfriend and I for a minute, which is always fun. He had a short little set while they were setting the stage for Ken Mode

Finally the moment we had all been waiting for, or at least I had; I’ve been wanting to see them live again since I saw them open for Torche a couple years back! Ken Mode took stage with full fucking force! Even as a Pink Unicorn, singer Jesse Matthewson looked evil as fuck! He must have taken note from the unicorn in Cabin in the Woods. Needless to say they were not to be messed with that night, totally crushing it with ‘Blessed’ which is by far one of my favorites off the new album “Success” but the definite highlight of the night was their closing song ‘Never Was‘ off of the “Venerable” ablum. . . Holy SHIT what a crushing song! I will leave you with that for now, please enjoy my photos and as always feel free to like, share and comment on your favorites! Oh and I almost forgot, when you are done looking at my photos be sure to check out this video Ken Mode posted on their page as a podcast for the Halloween show!


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