Photo Album: Final Drive & Ikillya @ The Dawg Pound (Salt Lake City, UT)

First dates can be awkward as shit, but when it’s a blind date, you don’t know what to expect that’s when the pressure is on. My first shoot for Damnation Magazine was to capture Final Drive playing their gig in SLC, UT on 9-23-15. Being far from home and friendly faces is part of being on the road. The journey into the unknown is what keeps the anticipation of tomorrow alive. Not every band is cut out for the reality of road life, but it’s safe to say Final Drive travels like seasoned professionals. The efficiency both on and off the stage speaks volumes from the market they hail from. Last night’s stage wasn’t the biggest they have seen but they made it their own and commanded everyone’s attention with a set that started loud and ended hard. First impressions still go a long way and I am left wanting more from this 5 piece from St. Louis Mo.

If you’re in the market for something loud, heavy and vocals that ring true don’t miss your chance to catch Final Drive. It’s not often that you find a tour where both bands complement each other the way this tour does. The devastation, with Ikillya, continues on to the West Coast before they return home via the final leg up the East Coast!!


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