Photo Album: Gwar/Butcher Babies/Batlecross @ Pops (St. Louis, MO) 9/11/15

We have all been to a Gwar show. . well ok maybe not all of us. For our very own Matt and Tim it was their first time seeing the Intergalactic band. But, for those of us who have seen Gwar a number of times we know the insanity that ensues at these shows! Upon a fairly late arrival, due to getting out of work at 7 Angel and I made our way inside the show to catch what seemed to be the last song or two of local act ThorHammer. These guys were awesome, unfortunately we only caught the last two songs.

Next band up to play was Damnation friends Battlecross!! We had an interview with them shortly before the show started that will be posted at some point soon. Their set went off without a hitch, and fucking blew everyone away, they were sure to have made new fans at this show as well as on the rest of the tour. They were short a guitarist due to having his first kid recently, luckily their guitar tech played rather flawlessly from what we could tell, but that didn’t slow down the Detroit, MI powerhouse! Playing songs new and old as well as the genius marketing ploy by Vocalist Kyle Gunther, by stating “you don’t want to ruin the fabrics in your car after Gwar covers you in ooze, go buy one of our shirts and one of our bags to keep your other merch dry during their set. . that way you have a change of clothes so you don’t ruin your car!” We couldn’t have said it any better. Now, usually following up the mighty Battlecross is pretty hard when it comes to bands playing after them. . No, I am not talking about Gwar, obviously they are the main attraction. I am speaking of Los Angeles’ Butcher Babies.

I know they have a TON of fans and are always growing in number, that’s fine. Their music isn’t really our forte, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a fun time watching them perform. Butcher Babies are full of energy through out the entire band, especially front women, Heidi Shepherd and Carla Harvey. Ok here’s my thing, we get that you worked for Playboy or something and you love to flaunt your bodies around, that is perfectly OKAY with us (please don’t stop). However, if you are going to stay in the metal world for a while please remember that the music portion comes first, then the sexual aspects. Work on the sound of your band, while you might have others hooked (possibly because of the half naked photos) the true metal heads want the music to bet just a little bit better. In fact we were discussing this after the show, Carla has the better voice of the two vocalists, what would a show be like with just her?? Food for thought, I know this will never happen, but it might be nice! That being said stay healthy and stay naked, look forward to another show.

Prior to Gwar taking stage we had about 6-10 minutes to talk to Pustulus Maximus and got it all on video, we are very proud of this moment as it is our first interview with intergalactic beings!! That being said this was my *mumbles number* time seeing Gwar, I really can’t remember how many times I have seen them, so please don’t ask. It was strange seeing them without Oderus on stage with them, he had his own humor that he brought to the stage. And while the show was still phenomenal in every aspect something just seemed off. Needless to say I got some FANTASTIC photos from their set and I am so happy to finally share them with you all! At the end you will see our very own Matt crowd surfing and just getting BLASTED in the face with some sort of blood or ooze from the mighty Gwar! No matter how many times you see Gwar it is always fun going up to your friends that are seeing them for the first time and collectively they say “What the FUCK did I just watch?? I LOVED IT!!”

Please look at all our pictures below, I have only photographed Gwar twice and each time has been a fucking blast, so without further ado I present to you GWAR!!…. and ThorHammer. . And Battlecross. . . And Butcher Babies!! Enjoy!

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