Photo Album: Deftones & Incubus feat. Death From Above 1979


I was fortunate enough to get a photo pass to one of the hottest tours of the summer featuring the Deftones and Incubus. Normally when I get a photo pass it allows me to photograph all the bands, however this time my pass was only good enough for Death From Above 1979 and Deftones. I had been wanting to shoot Incubus for a while, so my quest for a pass for their set didn’t stop there. Our very own Steve’s sister, Lauren, who helps us out from time to time had obtained a pass and an interview with Mike Einziger from Incubus, through the Huffington Post, which would have allowed her to shoot Incubus yet she didn’t have a camera, so I became her photographer!

Let me tell you that getting these passes can be a debacle sometimes and this time was nothing out of the ordinary, well aside from the fact that neither of our passes were at the box office when we arrived, they had to be obtained by the Live Nation manager?!? I guess that’s what you would call him. Either way he saved our day and got us hooked up with our passes in just enough time for me to shoot Death From Above. . whom was the second two piece band I had shot that week, the first being Royal Blood with Foo Fighters, which that gallery is around here somewhere. They put on a pretty excellent set, I never really listened to them before the show, but since they were the ones that hooked me up with a pass I figured it would be a good thing to at least get some photos of them. Once I was finished photographing them I went backstage to help Lauren who was in the midst of interviewing Mike of Incubus at the time. I snapped a few shots of that and listened in to some really interesting stories which will be posted at some point and we will be sure to get it to you.

Next up was Deftones, I had photographed them before, but I had a better lens with me this time around so I was excited to try it out on one of my fave bands growing up. They put on a solid set of hits, though sad to admit, Chino was a bit off of his game, he kept announcing the date as a Thursday instead of Friday (which is expected from time to time with the life of a touring band) hell I lose track of days while I work my regular day job. Needless to say it was a solid set, though possibly cut a little short looking at previous set lists there were a few songs missing (I think the show was running a little behind so they cut a few to catch up). They did however play one of my favorites off of the White Pony album, Knife Party and Passenger, with a closing song of Head Up from Around the Fur!!!

Last but certainly not least, was Incubus and man those guys haven’t lost it, continuing strong even after a brief hiatus. While I haven’t really followed them since their “Crow Left of the Murder” album there were only a handful of songs I didn’t know throughout their set. Needless to say it was a fun nostalgic concert, got to see some old friends that I hadn’t seen in years and watch some good music throughout the night! Incubus’ light show for the evening was Stellar. . sorry too soon? Seriously though it was amazing! I really recommend going to this concert if it comes through your town. . and if it doesn’t hopefully either of the bands will stroll through with a nice intimate show?! Either way it was a great night with a few hiccups, but nothing to complain about.  So please enjoy my shots, I feel like I got some really great ones!

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