Music Spotlight: Dreadnought – Utopia (2013)

Photo by Matt Herrebout
Photo by Matt Herrebout

So, St. Louis while most of you were out enjoying the outdoor party that was Incubus and Deftones. . reliving your childhood (we were there too, don’t be ashamed). We metal heads missed out in a pretty epic underground Post Black Metal show by Denver, Colorado’s Dreadnought at Fubar St. Louis! We weren’t really familiar with them before hand, but our “Band Scout,” whatever you would like to call it, our promoter Tim, was at the show and said they were pretty fucking awesome, like a mix of Ahab and My Sleeping Karma (two other bands you should totally be listening to) but with their own little twist. Well needless to say once I got home from work today, the first thing I did was check them out and was thoroughly impressed! So without further ado I present to you Dreadnought and their song “Utopia” From their 2013 release Lifewoven!

After listening to the song feel free to check them out at the following links:

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