Photo Album: Black Fast CD Release Party @ The Firebird (St. Louis, MO)

If there’s one thing Saint Louis’ Black Fast knows how to do and do right, well aside from playing fast, melting faces, writing amazing music, drink booze. . . while playing (just watch their music video for I,Conspire) and the list goes on. . but its throw a party! The Blackened Thrash quartet, throws one hell of a party and they can control it as if they were the anti-hero of a movie convincing everyone to do the wrong thing. What is the wrong thing you ask? Rock like a mother fucker, get drunk, and to party like its 1999! Black Fast has celebrated the release of their First Full Length album through a major record label, eOne heavy, and they invited us to document the insanity that was to pursue that night! Having some of the great local acts opening up for them the whole night was an instant success.

Hell Night was there to kick off the party and boy did they kick it off! Ripping through their set and getting the crowd pumped up for the rest of the night, they had to perform another set later that night, so they to were keeping themselves busy. Next up was crowd favorite, The Gorge! This band sees Black Fast bass player Ryan Thompson in the first set of the night as he pulls double duty ripping it in both bands. I have gotten to see these guys multiple times and it seems like they just keep on getting better with time, the last time I saw them was opening for Between The Buried and Me and The Atlas Moth at the Ready Room and they surely blew people away at that show just as they did here. In fact, one of the guys I met at the BTBAM show was at the CD release solely because of The Gorge, and I assured him he would LOVE Black Fast. The third act before Black Fast took stage was The Lion’s Daughter, another act out of St. Louis to have gotten signed to a major label, Season of Mist got ahold of them late last year and we couldn’t be happier for them. We were able to sit down with Rick of the Lion’s Daughter for an interview which should be posted here soon, we dig deep with him so be on the look out. Their set left smiles on many peoples faces as I glanced throughout the room.

Finally, the moment we were all waiting for, Black Fast took stage. It seemed like they played mostly their new album, which was totally ok with everyone there! From the second they took stage to the second they stopped playing the crowd was in a frenzy and continuous mosh! As I said I was lucky enough to photograph the event so check out some of the pics below and try to feel like you were at the show!






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  1. gary e meyer says:

    Impressive guys.awesome music. ..lots of love from edwardsville illinois and the stagger inn…again!


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