Face melter of the week: Black Fast – “I Conspire”

Straight out of Saint Louis, Mo or as another metal site likes to call us St. Lois (wherever that is) Black Fast is about to take the world by storm! Now I wasn’t fortunate enough to make the shoot for this video, due to prior obligations, but talk about one hell of a party!!

Black Fast is the first of the few metal acts in the St. Louis area to get a record deal, theirs from eOne Heavy! They’ve been hard at work in recent weeks, with one hell of a cd release party this past Saturday, the new album “Terms of Surrender” comes out this Friday (follow the link to stream). And just Monday they put out their first music video for ‘I, Conspire’ and just a fair warning this song fucking RIPS!! If this video doesn’t get your panties in a bunch for this band or their upcoming album then you need to get your head checked. So grab a beer or six and party with Black Fast as you watch ‘I Conspire’ and when it’s over have your wife/girlfriend/mom pick your face up off the floor and see it back on as this is a Face Melter!!

Black Fast – I Conspire

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