Band Interview: Obituary

So, I suppose at this point we can go ahead and consider this a “Flashback Friday” posting.

Way back on November 2, 2014, we here at Damnation Magazine had the opportunity to interview Donald Tardy, drummer of the legendary Florida death metal band Obituary. The band was stopped in Sauget, IL (just across the Mississippi River from Damnation’s home of St. Louis, MO) where they would be performing at the venue Pop’s, providing direct support for Carcass on their “Inked In Steel Tour.” Opening the show were newcomers Noisem and gore metal veterans Exhumed (who we also interviewed that night). We talked to Don on the band’s tour bus on several topics, including their latest (and first crowdfunded) album Inked In Blood, the Florida death metal scene itself, Andrew W.K., and Don’s activities in caring for feral cats… No, really, we’re not making that up.

Also, a friend/fan of Damnation Magazine, Erik Harshman (a fellow life-long St. Louisan and published author) contributed his death metal expertise to the conduct of this interview. So prepare to see a new face at the end of the video (as well as an embarrassing blooper from Matt). Due to some extreme technical difficulties, the progress on this interview took much longer than it normally does for us in between our day jobs. But, as they say, better late than never. Please enjoy the interview below for your viewing pleasure, and check out the rest of Nick’s photos from the show on our Facebook page.

Special thanks to Mr. Donald Tardy himself for taking his time out for this interview and his band mates in Obituary for allowing us onto their tour bus, Jon Freeman of Freeman Productions for setting up the interview, our own Steve Kruczyk for his videography and editing skills, Erik Harshman for contributing to the interview, and everyone for being so patient so that we could finish this video!

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